The Best Beauty Looks From Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next Video"

In 2018, there hasn't been a music video more highly anticipated than Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next." That's because the song itself is so personal and the relationships that it's based on were so public. Grande calls out all of her past relationships, including the most recent relationship (aka the whirlwind engagement) that she ended a few months ago with SNL's Pete Davidson. It's a bold move to call out your exes in a single three-minute-long single, but Grande isn't exactly known for being shy (on Twitter or otherwise).

The music video dropped today and at the time of publication had garnered a cool 11.5 million views. While most everyone is discussing her subtle dig at Pete Davidson or the bevy of celebrity cameos (which include the likes of Troye Sivan and Kris Jenner, by the way), we can't get over her spot-on early 2000s beauty looks or the long list of iconic movies she referenced. That's why we thought we'd put together a list of her best beauty looks. We won't be saying "Thank U, Next" to these anytime soon.

Regina George From "Mean Girls"

Ariana Grande dress as Regina George

The video begins with some retelling of iconic lines from the 2004 movie, albeit with Regina George's name swapped out for Grande's. One of the people retelling those lines is the actual actor who played Aaron Samuels in the original, BTW. After that, we're graced with the vision that is Grande with platinum-blonde hair and a juicy, pink lip drawing in her version of the movie's Burn Book.

It gets even better in the next scene, in which she's walking down the school hallway with her version of The Plastics, complete with a newly initiated Cady Heron, played by Liz Gillies. Her bright pink lip looks so shiny, we can't help but think it came straight from an early 2000s Juicy Tube ($17). It would be so on theme if it did.

Ariana Grande dressed as Regina George

Next comes Grande's version of the iconic talent show scene. Her platinum hair remains, but she's swapped out the bold berry lip for a classic ruby-red shade and paired it with a black cat eye. Would Ariana Grande actually be Ariana Grande without winged liner?

Torrance Shipman From "Bring It On"

Ariana Grande dressed as Torrance Shipman

Next, Grande took on the persona of Torrance Shipman, who was originally played by Kirsten Dunst in "Bring It On" (going all the way back to 2000). In these scenes, her classic dark brown hair is back and tied up in one of her iconic high ponytails. The detail we appreciated the most, however, was her white French manicure, which happens to be an early 2000s classic.

Jenna Rink From "13 Going on 30"

Ariana Grande dressed as Jenna Rink

Two words: flipped ends. To channel Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30, Grande took her long hair short—only shoulder-length, which is rare. Then, in the earliest 2000s way, she flipped out the ends. This one's so nostalgic for us, especially seeing as the top is kept slicked-down and shiny. We're guessing a lot of shine serum went into creating this look. (Oh, and we're happy to see that the French manicure is still intact.)

Elle Woods From "Legally Blonde"

Ariana Grande dressed as Elle Woods

Finally, we have to talk about Grande's imitation of Elle Woods. Even though her hair remains long and brown, which is very different from the shoulder-length blonde hair that Reese Witherspoon wore in the original movie, she channels the Harvard Law student through bright pink clothing and a matching pout. That hot pink lipstick is giving us serious early 2000s Barbie vibes in the best way.

Ariana Grande dressed as Elle Woods

Another glossy lip, giant diamond earrings, and (wait for it) hair clips. The only thing more early 2000s than brightly colored flower clips are sparkling butterfly clips. Either way, Grande is officially the queen of millennial beauty throwbacks. Can we sign a petition to get more pop stars to reference iconic rom-coms in their music videos?

Watch the full music video below. Then, in the spirit of millennial beauty, make sure you check out how one editor followed an early 2000s makeup routine for a week.

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