Ariana Grande Just Dropped Two New Scents Inspired by '60s Mod Aesthetics

Meet the Mod duo.

Ariana Grande mod fragrance campaign

Ariana Grande Fragrance

Ariana Grande has been on a roll with her beauty moves lately, dying her hair a mushroom blonde color for her upcoming role as Glinda in the Wicked film adaptation, and launching her very own makeup line, r.e.m beauty. And of course, who could forget her fragrance line, with scents like Cloud and God Is a Woman constantly going viral on TikTok. Now, the Grammy Award-winning artist adds another perfume to her repertoire with the release of her first-ever fragrance duo, Mod, launching December 1.

The Collection

The duo consists of two fragrances, Mod Vanilla and Mod Blush, which evoke boldness with their luxurious scents and modern design. "The Mod collection is an exciting evolution for the Ariana Grande fragrance portfolio," explains Noreen Dodge, Chief Marketing Officer of Luxe Brands, who grande partnered with for the fragrances. "The way we crafted the scents represents what I feel is the future of perfumes; simplicity and luxury anchored to nature. The design, campaign, and fragrances are a delightfully modern twist for fans to enjoy."

So, why two fragrances? Says Grande in a statement, "I really wanted to do something different and exciting for my fans by launching two new fragrances at once, and I so hope they love them the way my team and friends and I do."

The Inspiration

"I'm beyond excited to launch my first ever double fragrance drop with Mod Vanilla and Mod Blush," explains Grande. The brand shares that the inspiration behind this collection stems from the British Mod subculture that was alive with bold colors and groovy designs in London in the late '60s. If you need a reference for Mod culture, look to bands like The Beatles and icons like Twiggy.

"The Mod bottle design is a modern toast to the post-mid-century fashion ethos," says the brand. "[It's] something bold and interruptive done in a sculptural way with form, light, subtle curves creat[ing] a rounded mod shape where no two sides look the same."

The Notes

Grande reveals that she and her team went through several rounds of testing to get the formulas just right: "We have gone through many, many tester bottles over here! Mod Vanilla and Mod Blush have quickly become two of my favorites in our beautiful fragrance family, and I'm counting down the days til you can smell for yourself!"

As with any great fragrance, the MOD collection offers expressive top, heart, and base notes that open up throughout the day. 

Mod Vanilla

MOD vanilla
Ariana Grande MOD Vanilla Eau de Parfum $68.00

If you're a fan of deep, decadent aromas, you'll want to consider the Mod Vanilla Eau de Parfum. This fragrance contains top notes of plum, musks, and freesia for an instant splash of fruity and floral scents with depth. Mod Vanilla's heart notes include orris butter and white praline, bringing rich warmth to the fragrance. In contrast, base notes of vanilla absolute, upcycled cocoa butter, and papyrus lingers on the skin throughout the day. 

Mod Blush

mod blush
Ariana Grande MOD Blush Eau de Parfum $68.00

On the other hand, the Mod Blush Eau de Parfum offers a myriad of floral notes, turning this fragrance into a decadent wearable bouquet. The fragrance contains top notes of Italian bergamot, passion fruit, and dark raspberry for a fruity opening, and this fragrance's heart of rose petals, magnolia, and pear offset sweet scents with their floral depth. To deepen this scent even further, ambrox, dreamwood, and musk base notes add a woodsy touch and ground this fragrance.

The Mod Collection is available for purchase today at, and luckily, these fragrances are affordably priced at $48 for a 1.0 fl oz Eau de parfum spray, and $68 for a 3.4 fl oz spray.

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