ICYMI: Ariana Grande Is Letting Her Hair Down—Literally

Updated 04/23/18
Getty Images

All right, folks. Go ahead and take a long, hard look at the above photo because if Ariana Grande's social media presence (and just-released photos teasing her upcoming single "No Tears Left to Cry") is any indication, the singer might be quitting her signature high pony. For good. And apparently, Twitter's beloved tweeters have a lot to say on the topic. Let's dive in.


For years, Grande's impossibly high, would-make-a-cheerleader-jealous trademark 'tail has maintained a high caliber cultural status almost on par with her ceiling-scraping singing voice. Which, when you consider that range, her age (just 24), and the four Grammy nominations she already has under her belt, is telling, indeed. However, like many artists who eventually transition their signature look for something fresh and more in sync with their artistic vision, Grande has been switching up her 'do this year and seems to be letting her hair down—quite literally.

In anticipation of her brand-new single, "No Tears Left to Cry," coming out April 20 (that's tomorrow, in case you don't have your Google calendar handy), Ariana has punctuated the recent departure from her typical high ponytail (which, BTW, was last seen on the singer's 'gram a whopping four months ago), with a low, ultra-sleek platinum ponytail. Which, yes, is essentially the antithesis to the dark brunette strands we've associated with her over the years.


Since hair transformations are often considered highly emotional, the singer's new look is giving fans all the feels and, not surprisingly, all the questions. "Low ponytail era? I'm here for it!" said one tweeter in all caps yesterday. And then from another: "Guys OMG the ponytail, Ariana Grande did not come to play" from an equally supportive tweeter, again, in all caps.

So what does this all mean? Will we only ever see Grande in low ponytails from here on out, or does the new transition signify a litany of new looks we can expect from the singer in conjunction with her ever-evolving musical aesthetic? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we'll be pondering a fresh platinum paint job. And maybe a low(er) ponytail.

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