The Hair Elastics Ariana Grande Uses for Her Signature Ponytail

Ariana Grande and her ever-present high ponytail have been in a committed relationship for what seems like ages at this point. When it comes to beauty, the brunette singer is known for her signature ponytail and even made headlines this week for cutting a hole in a baseball cap just so that her 'do could remain intact. Now that's love.

Hairstylist Aaron Light recently coiffed Ariana's hair into, you guessed it, a high pony, and told Allure the exact elastics the 23-year-old wears to keep her cascading locks taut. Light prescribes her bungee elastics, which have hooks on both ends to ensure that no strand is left behind. "I love using bungees, especially on clients with thick hair, because you have more control over the hair and can achieve a very tight and secure ponytail," he said. While a bungee elastic is a great option for someone with lush curls, too, the hairstylist swears by its ability to keep the ponytail in place. "Regular hair bands have a tendency to slip, where bungees really stay put at the base," he added.

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