Remembering the Queen of Soul: 12 of Aretha Franklin's Most Iconic Beauty Looks

I have fond memories of Aretha Franklin's "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" blasting from my family's living room stereo set. My mom and I would sing and dance around while doing our best to match her magical melodies but not even come close. Named the Queen of Soul, Aretha had vocal talents that were truly unmatched. Although our hearts are heavy because of her passing today, her legacy will live on forever. Aretha's music boomed from the radios during the peak days of discrimination. The one thing society could not segregate was her voice, which has empowered us all over the years.

Beyond her beautiful voice, Aretha came through with showstopping hair and makeup looks. She was the epitome of glamour and her beauty radiated, whether it was through her perfectly picked-out afro or immaculate brows. It was hard to narrow it down, but ahead, see Aretha's most iconic hair and makeup moments that will always inspire us.

Aretha Franklin Beauty Looks

Portrait of Aretha in 1973. 

Best Aretha Franklin Looks

Portrait of Aretha in 2005. 

Best Aretha Franklin Beauty Moments

At Radio City Music Hall in 1990. 

Best Aretha Franklin Hair

Aretha at The Andy Williams Show in 1965. 

All-Time Favorite Aretha Franklin Looks

Aretha at the JVC Jazz Festival concert in 1996.

The Best Beauty Moments for the Queen of Soul

Aretha in 1990. 

A Timeline of Aretha Franklin's Best Looks

A portrait of Aretha in 1968. 

Aretha Franklin Hair Gallery

A portrait of Aretha in 1967. 

Aretha Franklin Beauty Gallery

A portrait of Aretha in 1977. 

Aretha Franklin Makeup Gallery

A portrait of young Aretha. 

Aretha Franklin's Beauty Throughout the Years

A portrait of Aretha in 1960. 

Remembering Aretha Franklin's Beauty

Aretha at the Grammy Awards in 1990. 

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