What Dermatologists Really, Truly Think of Pore Strips

Remember when pore strips first surfaced? Happy teens graced television ads, peeling away a paper-like strip from their noses and marveling with delight at all the gunk that came out. For me, I've never truly experienced the happy-teen-in-a-pore-strip-commercial sensation: Usually, when I peel them away, my eyes water, I pause in between small tears to take a breather, re-evaluate my life decisions, and curse the skin gods for burdening me with clogged pores, all to finally unveil just a few clogs leftover on the strip.

A quick (and gross) Google search will have you believe that pore strips are extremely effective, so maybe I've just always done it wrong? However, a poll in the office made us all question whether these painful strips are even safe in the first place. Hence, I reached out to a few dermatologists for their honest, no-holds-barred take on using them. Take a look at what they had to say below.

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