I Think My Partner and I Are Compatible, But Does an Astrologist?

Eric and I have been together for seven years and eight months. We met in college where I was instantly drawn to his energy—he was the life of the party and had the type of smile where the rest of his face smiled too. I slid into his Facebook messages (oh, 2010) and somehow played the cards that made him fall in love with me, and this summer, we're getting married. He's my best friend, and life would be a bore and a half without him. Suffice to say, I'm in this for the long haul.

This month at Byrdie, as a sort of anti-mainstream take on Valentine's Day content, we're exploring the theme of attraction—the "science" behind it, how we're hardwired physiologically and emotionally, and the psychology of compatibility. For the latter, we consulted two astrology experts to get the lowdown on the adage that "opposites attract," which got me thinking: If I were to consult an astrologist and have them evaluate my relationship, would the moon and the stars deem us a solid couple?

I approached this "investigation" from a completely neutral standpoint: My natal chart could tell me that my relationship is essentially Gone Girl come to life, and I wouldn't panic (though I might keep that info tucked away just in case.) You see, some people live and die by their horoscope, but I'm scarcely acquainted: Up until recently, I couldn't tell you my rising sign (Gemini, apparently). I've just never made storage space in my brain for it. But nine times out of 10, when I do read my horoscope online or in the back pages of a magazine, it's freakishly spot-on. So while I may not be a devotee, I enjoy the clairvoyant nature of astrology and the intangible world that allegedly has us all pegged.