The B Side Get to Know Arden's Glam Team: Hairstylist TerraRose Puncerelli and MUA Sang Jeon The Self-Expression Issue
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Get to Know Arden's Glam Team: Hairstylist TerraRose Puncerelli and MUA Sang Jeon

The B Side

Traditionally, the B side refers to the flip side of a record. The A side contains the more front-facing hits—the singles—but on the B side, you can get in a bit deeper with the artist. And quite honestly, there’s no better metaphor we can think of for the creative team behind a beauty look. They pull the references, scour the archives, and paint the picture you see on the big screen. The celebrity, model, or actor is the single with the most airtime. But the glam team? They’re the producers, conductors, friends, and family members. For lack of a less ubiquitous phrase, they make it work.

It has always been our mission to shine a light on the BTS of beauty, as the artistry of hair and makeup is an intricate, detailed exploration that lies at the cross section of aesthetics and culture. Why? Because the origin of a look is just as important as the look itself. The backstory deserves its hard-earned glory.

This time around, we’re introducing you to TerraRose Puncerelli and Sang Jeon, the masterminds behind the hair and makeup looks for Byrdie’s 12th issue—The Self-Expression Issue—featuring Arden Cho. Below, join us in taking a peek behind the curtain, as their words are creative and inspiring in equal measure.

Hairstylist TerraRose Puncerelli

On the inspiration for the hair looks…

“We started out with a soft, silky blowout with a slight bend to keep the hair minimal and balance the blush-toned makeup. The headscarf really brought the look to life and tied it all together. The second look was definitely a bit more edgy and sharp. The bun was sleek and allowed her gorgeous bone structure [to shine]. When wrapping the bun, I used hair spray to slick it back instead of gel. I like gel for certain looks, but my go-to when snatching back a glossy bun is always hair spray. I left some of her ends out and messed with them a bit until they were in a position I liked, then sealed them with a flat iron on low heat so they would stay in place.

Our last look was quite aerodynamic and high fashion. The idea was to create a sculpture with her hair placed at the crown of her head. Shine spray was our friend for this one. The way the light catches the hair in a photograph is very important. I was particularly proud of this third and final look because it afforded me the ability to really use my craft and create something magical and unique.”

On working with Arden…

“Working with Arden was a pure delight. We had a fun day on set. She’s very creative and definitely has a vision of what she wants. A lot of attention to detail!”

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On her early years and starting her career in beauty…

“I grew up in Denver, Colorado, spending a lot of time at my Grandma Dee’s hair salon, Beauty Inc., which has a 59-year legacy and is still operating today. It felt like more of a social club than a hair salon. Clients would pop in with a box of doughnuts just because they were in the neighborhood. Grandma was very popular, and I was inspired to bring that kind of energy and light to people’s lives. After attending college in New York City, I decided following in my grandma’s footsteps was the [the most] fulfilling choice.”

On her career highlights…

“I’ve [been fortunate] to be a part of some really cool projects, but working with my good friend, Sarah Staudinger, on creating hair looks for Staud’s campaigns has been such a blessing. Separately, getting to work on the set of Saturday Night Live was also pretty cool. The energy in the studio is electric. It’s like a machine. I have a lot of respect for the cast and crew. Everyone has a role and works so hard to put on that show every week.”

On what beauty means to her and how it’s empowered her throughout her life…

“It sounds cliché, but, to me, you could be the most stunning human in the world—but if you don’t know how to treat people with kindness and respect, that immediately makes you less attractive. People will not always remember what you were wearing, but they will remember the way you made them feel. In addition, being able to take the natural features that you were given and learn how to accentuate those traits and rock what you got [is so beautiful to me]. Self-love and self-care are equally as important when it comes to meaningful beauty.”

On her mentors and icons…

“Cass Kaeding, who is a celebrity colorist, took me under her wing and has been a phenomenal mentor and friend to me. I am also a huge fan of Peter Lux[’s] and Graham Nation’s work. Both [of] those guys have an exceptional take on our craft.”

On her advice to aspiring artists in the industry…

“You’ll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. Kindness goes a really long way in this industry. It’s also really important to say yes to everything when you’re first starting out. Be passionate about your work and don’t be afraid to get your hands in some hair to figure out what you like. Work for someone who inspires you! I had the privilege of assisting some wildly talented celebrity hairstylists and I’m here to tell you, I learned everything from my time as an assistant. Be humble and patient on your way to the top, and what’s yours will come when the time is right.”

Product Picks

Makeup Artist Sang Jeon

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On the inspiration for the makeup looks…

“We wanted to start [the first look off] with fresh-skin makeup with a pop of pink on her beautiful cheeks. I [layered] a few creamy blushes to achieve that glowy monochromatic look. The second look was giving modern Y2k vibes. I used a Donni Davy X Face Lace sticker as a stencil around her eyes and applied a silver metallic highlighter to give the look a cool feel. For the third look, Arden was wearing this beautiful Chanel outfit, so we wanted to go super classic.”

On working with Arden…

“She’s the sweetest. [She’s] always patient [and] down to try something new. What [more] could you ask for?”

On his early years and starting her career in beauty…

“I grew up and started my makeup artist career in Seoul. I went to beauty high school in South Korea to study hair, but I got more interested in makeup along the way. I thought it was interesting there were so few male makeup artists back then. My first love has always been Western glam. So I was doing a full glamorous face while everyone was doing natural makeup. A few big American makeup brands began to reach out to me, and that’s when I decided to move to L.A. The rest is history!”

On his career highlights…

“I did CL’s and Minzy’s makeup for Coachella last year and I just could never forget this historical day. It was amazing to be a part of it.”

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