The Mask That Keeps My Face From Turning Into An Oily Mess

I once had an esthetician admonish me for the way I treated my skin. Apparently the plethora of acids and harsh drying products I used on a regular basis was doing more harm than good for my skin. I’m one of those people who tend to go to extremes. Why put a little spot treatment on when you can cover your face in it? I slather my face in La Mer the next night, so it all evens out, right? Wrong. The basis of my mid-facial lecture was I needed to be nicer to my skin. My esthetician challenged me to ditch my drying treatments, and try going a gentler route. Then she gave me a sample of Arcona’s Tea Tree Mask ($34). And I’ve been hooked ever since.

Ten minutes into my first use of that sample I had already placed an order for the real thing. Because, like most people, I like when you can feel a product working. And this one feels cool, almost tingly when you put it on—like it’s sucking all of the gunk out of your pores. Needless to say, when I washed off the mask, I did not regret my purchase.

The Tea Tree Mask is a purifying mask unlike the ones I was used to. The ingredients are heavy-hitters: Tea tree extract and salicylic acid, which exfoliate and decongest pores and are antibacterials; and sulphur and grapefruit extract, which fight breakouts. But it’s not drying. (It is also packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients that calm skin.) The non-drying part is key because many detoxifying masks that are designed to combat breakouts do so by sucking all of the life out of your skin. But this one regulates oil production. I use it twice a week to keep my oily skin balanced. And it really does. I can honestly say I notice a difference in my skin, when I slack on my bi-weekly regimen. Which is why I keep my fridge stocked with a backup.

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