This Olympic Volleyball Player Has the Best Tips for Sweatproof Hair and Makeup


Getty/Cameron Spencer

The Olympics might be over (*sob*), but we're still reeling over everything we witnessed in Rio—including, to be perfectly honest, one of the less talked-about aspects of competition. While maybe not quite as remarkable as say, Simone Biles' mind-bending acrobatics or the fact that Katie Ledecky is very likely part-fish, the fact that all these athletes were somehow able to keep their hair and makeup on lock while pushing their bodies to the brink—in South American heat and humidity, no less—is pretty impressive. And isn't it our duty as beauty editors to find out exactly what products they're using?

Fresh from her bronze-medal win with partner Kerri Walsh Jennings, volleyball player April Ross obliged to do exactly that. Below, Ross (who has partnered with Aussie haircare) clues into her competition-ready beauty routine, from the waterproof mascara that never budges to the hair products that frizz-proof her mane on and off the court.