This Is the Nail Color You Should Wear in April, According to Your Horoscope


With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

This month, she's sharing the nail color you should wear in April, based on your sign. Each color is thoughtfully selected for your sign and with the current astrological landscape in mind. You can also read for your sun, moon, and rising signs.


April is all about taking more risks. Allow things to speed up so they can slow down and be felt and internalized, building from the inside out. Choose colors that feel liberating, uplifting, energizing, and empowering.

Key dates in April: 

April 5: New Moon in Aries. You'll feel zest and energy to tackle responsibilities.

April 10: Venus and Neptune meet. This day is dreamy, ethereal, and full of beauty. It's a self-love and nurturing kind of day. 

April 10: Jupiter retrograde. You'll feel philosophical introversion to deepen self-trust, to foster inner growth. 

April 17: Mercury moves into Aries. You're excited by all the colors and choices available to you. Choose by instinct.

April 19: Full Moon in Libra. It's the second full moon in Libra this season, leading to a restless and impulsive energy to improve imbalances in your personal life.

April 20Sun moves into Taurus. It's officially Taurus season, which means quality vs. quantity is of the utmost importance now. Invest your time, energy, and money only in what you love and value. 

April 20: Venus enters Aries. Take more risks and let your gut instinct inspire your actions.

April 22: The Sun conjunct Uranus. You'll feel strong intuitive insights and a need for change, leading to breakthroughs. 

Scroll to see the nail color you should wear in April, according to your sign. 

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Aries: Happy Birthday! The New Moon on April 5 in your sign shines a major spotlight on your approach to life–direct, straightforward and instinctual. The New Moon will help you to master your talents even more; whereas the Full Moon on April 19 is gifting you another perspective. On both days, stay open. Mars, your planet, is energizing your mind, so expect to feel ignited to the point of overstimulated. Your beauty routine should excite you!

Your nail polish shade: A calming coral color. 

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Taurus: The Sun enters your sign on April 20, reminding you of your finest assets: refinement, beauty, and quality of life. The Full Moon in Libra is reminding you that you're in need of a routine change and that the time is now. Try to live more robustly by taking action now, rather than later. Your routine this month should remind you of how sensual you are.
Your nail polish shade: A nude, peach-colored polish. 

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Gemini: Mars, the planet of action and energy, is in your sign for most of the month, giving you a big boost of mental energy! This month is about focusing on yourself and allowing your curiosity to motivate you to try everything. Just make sure you're remembering to ground yourself by staying present in the moment. Your beauty routine this month should be sense-invoking and involve smell, taste, touch.  

Your nail polish shade: A vibrant shade of orange.

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Cancer: Think of this month as a home life and public life recalibration. Your planet, the Moon, will be both Full in Libra and New in Aries, gifting you more opportunities to change your life. Take initiative and be confident to assert yourself when it comes to your needs. Your beauty routine should feel nurturing this month.

Your nail polish shade: An in-your-face bright red. 

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Leo: This month is about the big picture. The New Moon on April 5 in your counterpart fire sign Aries is igniting the vision that you have for your life. The Full Moon in Libra on April 19 will remind you to let go of small and comfortable ideas, and to take more risks. This month gives you a confidence boost to try something new, and the same goes for your beauty routine!

Your nail polish shade: an eye-catching light purple. 

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Virgo: Your planet Mercury moves into Aries on April 17, prompting you to have more intense conversations about what you need and desire. The Full Moon in Libra on April 19 is nudging you to take more risks and to dive deeper into your instinctual nature—to think less and to act more. Your beauty routine this month needs to invoke your passionate side.

Your nail polish shade: A passion-inducing red. 

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Libra: Your planet Venus moving into Aries (your opposite sign) paired with the New Moon in Aries on April 5 reminds you that your image and relationships are not so much about appearances, as it should be about your raw will and feelings. This month is about looking in the mirror less and doing more of what you feel; in other words, focusing less on preparation and more on spontaneous action. Your beauty routine will involve you doing what feels right.  

Your nail polish shade: A grounding orange-red.  

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Scorpio: This month, you’re energized by romance and a more robust routine. Your idea of romance is poetry, seductive communication, and mystery. Plan to indulge your mind and body in healthy activities while avoiding escapism. Mars and the New Moon on April 5 are enticing you to start a new routine.  

Your nail polish shade: A vibrant coral. 

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Sagittarius: The New Moon on April 5 is exciting, romantic, and adventurous. Let fun motivate you. Jupiter, your governing planet, goes retrograde on April 10, deepening your personal beliefs, self-trust, and inner faith. Your beauty routine means more color, stronger scents, and experiences that ignite passions. 

Your nail polish shade: An exuberant bright purple. 

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Capricorn: This month is about less work and more play. Jupiter retrograde on April 10 is taking you back in time and revealing the missing links. Stay patient and steadfast while trying to get to the bottom of things. The Full and New Moons this month keep your work and home life in balance—surrender. Your beauty routine should liberate your skin and mind. Try products that are invigorating, stimulating, and thought-provoking.

Your nail polish shade: A delicate white-pink. 

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Aquarius: Consider this month a free card to focus on yourself. Long-term acquaintances and long-term goals will all be there waiting in the wings. Take time to value yourself–your artful imagination and inventive spirit, and nurture that a while. Allowing yourself to meander a bit will give you just the reboot you need, and the same goes for your beauty routine.

Your nail polish shade: A playful shiny pink.

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Pisces: All signs point to your independence, financial abundance, and harmony this month. Venus in your sign until April 20 is gracing you with more confidence and magic. The Sun and New Moon in Aries on April 5 scream opportunities! Have your laces tied. Your beauty routine should be as ethereal and as transcending as you. 

Your nail polish shade: A soft pearlescent shade or a lavender hue. 

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