Your April Beauty Horoscope Is Here, and It Will Comfort You

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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

APRIL: Preparing us for Jupiter and Venus to go retrograde next month. The two lunar events in April are Venus-ruled—a Full Moon in Libra and a New Moon in Taurus. While our faith may be tried and tested now, bringing the focus back to you is what will gift you the most stability. Quality is the theme for April. This extends to experiences, thoughts, actions, and people. Plus, a big Astro event happens: Jupiter and Pluto aligning in Capricorn will gift you superpowers. 

Don't forget to read for both your Rising and Sun signs. 
April 3: Venus enters Gemini. You'll feel playful, jovial, and adaptable in terms of what to wear and who is deserving of your attention. 

April 4/5: Jupiter + Pluto conjunction. A big deal. This superpower aspect means that you'll need to choose wisely in how to access your personal power. Think big, seductive, transformative; try a detox renewing mask or your favorite lipstick to reflect your power.

April 07: Full Moon in Libra. Let go of expectations that hold you back from liberation—appeasing others will get you nowhere. To feel balanced, you've got to work for it bravely. 

April 11: Mercury enters Aries. Your new mode of communication is all about directness, strength and confidence.

April 19: Sun enters Taurus. It's officially Taurus season, which means that a conscious light is being shown on the quality of our lives. We all deserve to live a quality life—getting there means making choices that are in alignment with what you genuinely value now.

April 22: New Moon in Taurus. Emphasizing the Taurus season—an official new beginning to move closer to quality, embodied, and enriching things and people. 

April 25: Pluto Retrograde. You'll be turning inward, and revising the past six months of your life in terms of how you've felt disempowered. Expect a rebirth and a new sense of empowerment by October. Detoxing becomes an inside job. Opt for an enriching detox mask. 

April 27: Mercury enters Taurus. Slow and steady wins this race. You're more apt to say it like it is. Expect to be more sensitive to taste, smell, and color now. 


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The New Moon on April 22 is reminding you that paying attention to your feelings only makes you more in touch with yourself and thus, more powerful. Actions taken in haste are often regretted—and life's too short for regrets. This season is about cultivating the right action. Saturn and your ruling planet, Mars (in Aquarius this month), are supporting you to align with the right people. Jupiter and Pluto are pushing you into the spotlight to use your power for better or worse.

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The first two weeks this season entice you into a physical and spiritual makeover. The New Moon and Mercury moving into your sign on April 27 stimulates you into a more prosperous mindset—remember to stay open-minded. Pluto and Jupiter are aligning in your 9th house—a reminder that your beliefs have the power to change your reality.

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Mercury moving into Aries on April 11 motivates you to take action.The Full Moon in fellow air sign Libra on April 7 speaks of romance, perhaps through social media; Whereas, the New Moon in Taurus creates a portal to reconnect with your higher self through some much needed quiet time. After April 3, when Venus moves into your sign—where it will spend the next four months—you're ready for a mind, body, and spirit makeover. Jupiter and Pluto meeting on April 4 might give you a secret windfall; how you choose to act on it will have lasting repercussions.

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The big Jupiter and Pluto conjunction on April 4 means that you're reworking your boundaries in relationships. You need security,both emotional and financial; Mars and Saturn in Aquarius are supporting you to have both. The Full Moon in Libra is shining a light on imbalance at home (a given, with the current climate) and inspires you to focus more on community and making your dreams a reality. For a Cancer, working from home and helping others to feel empowered is a dream come true.

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Venus moving into Gemini on April 3 stimulates your social circle—creative brainstorms with friends would be a lucrative investment of your time and energy now. Saturn now in Aquarius means that your standards are higher in a relationship, and you're willing to work hard for what you want. The New Moon on April 22 is a beautiful omen for your work—stay open and excited about the possibilities! You've got this. Stay positive and make choices that are in alignment with your heart, rather than recognition. The Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4 means significant life changes in terms of health and work—stay mindful and open of opportunities coming your way!

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This season is about valuing yourself and being diligent about radical self-care. Be brave and willing to structure your life in a way that's ideal for you. Creativity births new possibilities. Bask in the creative process; in fact, schedule a set time for it. The New Moon in a fellow Earth sign is invoking a higher and quality mindset. You may not be able to travel physically, but mentally and through your imagination, it's limitless. Consider taking an online course; it will open your mind to more possibilities.

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The New Moon in your sign on April 07 echos that balance comes from within. The Sun opposite your sign is highlighting your partnerships and showing were to take the lead to bring about better balance. The New Moon, Venus, and Mercury moving into Taurus all seduce you into a deeper context. Be willing to receive support from others, as well as a support system for those who need you most. Jupiter and Pluto aligning signify significant changes at home, a move, a new home, or more people are moving in.

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The New Moon on April 22 in your opposite sign Taurus, followed by Mercury opposing you, means that a relationship is the door in front of you now. Be diligent and willing to walk through it. Venus in Gemini is preparing you to allocate your resources better—save now while you're supported to do so. Pluto, your planet, going retrograde on April 25 reminds you of the power of thought. Jupiter and Pluto coming together bring news and opportunity—use your words wisely and powerfully!

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Aries season ignites that passionate fire within you. Taking bigger creative and romantic risks feels natural for you, and it should. You're super supported by others now. The first half of the month is about trusting that you've built a solid group of friends and now need to focus more on your love/work life. The New Moon in Taurus on April 22 opens new doors for you—walk through! Jupiter and Pluto awaken an irrevocable drive to succeed, and the opportunity for big financial opportunities—stay privy to the opportunities coming your way.

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Jupiter and Pluto coming together in your sign make you a boss, but realize that what you do with your superpower can unchanging effects on those around you. The New Moon moves you into a more embodied place, one in which sensuality, romance, and fun take precedence over hard work. Aries season lights up your home sector, making it more enlivened, paired with Venus in Gemini and Pluto going retrograde all equate to you feeling more confident and motivated to enjoy life. The Full Moon at the bringing of the month is reiterating the global memo that work is on hold for the time being.

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Mars in your sign is giving you a big boost of energy, while the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction will pull you into a spiritual vortex. Be ready and willing to go deeper into your process, as this will be your superpower—dream interpretation, intuitive hits, and revelations about your psychological blocks. The New Moon in Taurus is helping to smooth out any discomfort at home and inspire you to beautify your space.

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Pay particular attention to people that you're meeting now because Jupiter and Pluto are aligning in a way that can either align you to some very influential people in support of your life mission, or work against it. The New Moon on April 22 is like a poetic hymn opening you to new means of communication. It seems that a lot is working in your favor this month. Be grateful for all that you have and are, so that you can attract more of it.

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