April Letter From The Editor: This Month We're Reborn

Updated 04/17/18
april editor's letter reborn: transgender model
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You may have noticed we’re on a bit of a journey here at Byrdie, metaphorically speaking. You see each month is themed—where January saw us embarking on Real Goals, February was all about Great Minds and March was about living a quieter, less cluttered and stressful life with our Less Noise focus. Spring is the season of birth—flowers bloom, lambs are born—and we’re encouraging everyone to be Reborn this month. Sounds drastic (potentially a bit messy), but it isn’t—I promise.

We’re putting these questions to you: Who are you and who do you want to be?

For starters, when it comes to your beauty consumption: What’s important to you, and what’s your beauty ethos? Do you want to go vegan or commit to cruelty-free? Is the environment your focus—in which case, does eco-friendly and sustainable beauty appeal? We’ll be revealing how to identify what your beauty ethos is and then how to take the small steps to, in time, effect a big change in the way you consume your beauty products and your treatments.

As well as your ethos, we’re taking a look at beauty identity. What’s your beauty aesthetic?

To some, spending time preening may seem frivolous, but to others, it’s a symbol of freedom, power and confidence, a way to show the world who you really are. We’ll be profiling different people with wildly different and, in some cases, boundary-pushing styles to discover what their beauty identity means to them and how their outside is a true reflection of their inside. The series may confirm to you that you’re happy in your own skin or perhaps that you’re hiding behind a mask, or it could inspire you with the confidence to try something new, be it a hair colour change or the confidence to wear a lipstick shade you’d never have dared to before. There should be no rules.

Beyond our Reborn theme, we’ll also be sharing Travel Kit Hits, personal edits of holiday beauty products the most stylish women won’t travel without, plus plenty of wondrous beauty inspiration for all the long weekends, weddings and getaways that are no doubt starting to fill your diary.

And don’t forget, if you want behind-the-scenes access to the Byrdie team and a host of brilliant beauty-obsessed people you can put your questions to, be sure to join our Facebook community, The British Beauty Line, so we can continue the conversations there.

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