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Aprico has officially entered the chat—and no, it's not just another supplements brand. The brainchild of Quicksilver Scientific's Dr. Christopher Shade, Aprico's products are as science-backed and efficacious as they are fun to use. Ranging from everyday vitamins to wellness shots and beyond, the Boulder, CO-based brand uses proprietary nanoemulsions to decrease absorption time and increase bioavailability (i.e., how efficiently your body actually absorbs and uses nutrients). Aprico also holds one tentpole to heart: more of what makes you brighter.


FOUNDED BY: Christopher Shade

BASED IN: Boulder, CO

PRICING: $30-$150

Best Known For: Hybrid scientific and holistic approach to wellness

MOST POPULAR PRODUCT: Essential Daily Vitamin Gummies, Focus + Clarity Shot

FUN FACT: The name Aprico is Latin for bright, sunny, and serene

I had the privilege of learning more about exactly what this motto means—and how it influences Aprico's formulations—on a trip to sunny Aspen, CO. There, the brand's CEO and product development team broke down everything you need to know about the products, the science, and beyond. Curious what I learned? Read on for more on Aprico's best-sellers and how they work. (And by the way, you should always speak with your physician before starting a new supplement—especially if you have any specific health concerns.)

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Essential Daily Vitamin Gummies

aprico gummies
Aprico Essential Daily Vitamin Gummies $37.00

Saturated with key nutrients like vitamins A, D, C, K, and B, this delicious gummy vitamin is the perfect start to your morning. It tastes like a refreshing organgey-basil mocktail and doesn't upset my stomach as some daily vitamins do. There's no chalky texture or peculiar aftertaste—just the nutrients I need to kickstart my day. When you're looking for a multivitamin during the winter months, it's especially important to look for one formulated with vitamin D, the nutrient that your body produces when you're exposed to sunlight. Winter typically means more time indoors and less exposure to sunlight, and taking supplemental vitamin D can help combat this.

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Everyday Stress Relief Drops

aprico dropper bottle
Aprico Everyday Stress Relief Drops $45.00

We all go through periods of heightened stress. And during these times, we tend to want to reduce that stress to get back to a more neutral state... not just fall asleep. Aprico's Everyday Stress Relief drops are ideal for this purpose. Formulated with key ingredients like l-theanine and hemp, the drops help to ease you into a state of calm without inducing drowsiness.

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Focus & Clairty Shot

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Aprico Focus + Clarity Shot (Box of 12) $48.00

Need a little pick-me-up sans the afternoon coffee jitters? The Focus + Clarity shot uses adaptogens—not caffeine—to stimulate alertness and concentration. I can't explain the feeling precisely, but the first time I tried this tonic, I (almost immediately) felt more present and aware.

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Sleep Easy Drops

aprico life sleep easy drops
Aprico Sleep Easy Drops $45.00

Hemp, L-theanine, and of course melatonin are the key players here. I never feel groggy the morning after using Sleep Easy Drops, and they have the most delightful hint of lavender. I love that these are in a drop modality (instead of a pill or gummy) too—I add a drop to my evening tea when I want to really savor a moment of relaxation.

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