6 Apple Cider Vinegar Products That Don't Smell Like Hot Garbage

Considering the vast benefits of apple cider vinegar—the ability to fight acne causing bacteria, cleanse dandruff, bring hair color back to life, and purify the body of toxins, to name a choice few—there's little reason this pantry staple shouldn't be a key component of anyone's beauty routine. But we can think of at least one (very) obvious turn-off: Its very pungent odor, which tends to linger when the vinegar is used in its purest form. With that in mind, we went on a mission to track down ACV-centric products that bypass that telltale eau de dumpster fire—and believe it or not, actually smell good.

From leave-in conditioner to luscious cleansers, the products below might utilize all the benefits of apple cider vinegar—but the key difference is that they mask the scent with notes like chamomile, fruit, and "rain." (Trust us on that last one.) The only sign of that usually stinky ingredient will be the vast improvements in your hair and skin—as it should be. Keep scrolling to shop our favorite (non-smelly) ACV beauty products.