Here's How to Find Out Exactly What's Secretly Ruining Your Skin


Urban Outfitters

You might diligently apply your SPF and retinols and even invest in regular facials, but most experts agree that if you're not factoring in your local air pollution, you could be overlooking a crucial part of your skincare regimen. It's simple science, really: Our epidermis (the fancy word for skin) absorbs much of what it's exposed to, and in our modern world, the air is packed with free radicals, the compounds associated most with aging. This rings particularly true in urban environments that are brimming with vehicle and industrial exhaust, but even those who live out in the suburbs aren't totally immune. (Some argue that pollution is as impactful on the complexion as the sun and smoking, which is why it's unfortunate that not many people really talk about it.)

But in a trend that has long since found its footing in parts of Asia, skincare brands and dermatologists on this side of the Pacific are finally starting to address the impact of pollution on our skin, by way of new products and consumer education. Consider the latest project from Dermalogica: allows you to see exactly which chemical compounds are impacting your skin, the extent to which they're accelerating the aging process, and even a couple of thrown-in product recommendations—all based on your address.