I Switched to an "Anti-Pollution" Skincare Routine—the Results Were Shocking

Growing up on the shores of the Great Lakes, I didn’t give too much thought to pollution or the effects it had on my skin. Of course, pollution isn’t exclusively a big-city problem, but it never proved to be an urgent threat in my small Midwestern town. So I took a basic approach to skincare: cleanser then moisturizer, adding in extra exfoliation if I spent a weekend in Detroit or Chicago.

But I moved to Los Angeles a couple of months ago, and soon after, my skin flared up with breakouts and redness. I looked perpetually fatigued. Suddenly, I was much more interested in anti-pollution skincare—if it really worked, how it worked, and what set it apart from other skincare. So I decided to overhaul my routine. Armed with a variety of products different in nature yet similar in purpose, I sought to prevent, halt, and even reverse the effects of pollution.

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