These 7 Herbs Are Scientifically Proven to Help With Inflammation

As self-professed wellness junkies, we strive to live a natural and holistic lifestyle. That means marrying the ideals of Western and Eastern medicine to find a combination of wellness practices that suits us, and our health, the best. Whether that means cultivating a meditation habit, learning about the key differences between buzzy diets, or brushing up on our sexual health, we're game. After all, it really is just like the saying goes: Health is wealth.

One of our special areas of interest is herbal remedies, which have become rather trendy in the wellness world as of late thanks to popular brands like Moon Juice and Glow Bar. Most of the talk has surrounded adaptogens, which are special herbs that help the body cope with stress. What we're talking about today, though, are anti-inflammatory herbs—those that combat rogue inflammation throughout the body to improve our general well-being. Yes, they do exist. Keep scrolling to see the seven most effective anti-inflammatory herbs.