I Finally Found a Hair Product That Actually Stands Up to NYC's Oppressive Humidity

A colleague recently described the weather in New York as particularly "Caribbean." In theory, this sounds lovely, save for the fact that we aren't on a tropical island with white sand beaches—instead, we're met with the wafting smell of the Hudson, mystery city street juice, and a growing population of super-roaches that banded together and built an immunity to insecticides (don't shoot the messenger). What she meant, rather, was that it's scorching hot out and oppressively humid, the kind of combination that hits you in the face when you walk out your front door like a crowd of umbrellas in Times Square. And for those with dry, color-treated hair like myself, these weather conditions are what poof-y-hair nightmares are made of.

"Frizz is generally caused by a raised cuticle layer," says Windle & Moodie’s co-founder Neil Moodie. When the cuticle is raised, moisture from the air is able to enter the hair shaft and cause it to swell. He continues, "The hair looks dry and frizzy when the cuticle isn't lying flat. When the cuticle is flat, hair looks smoother." Because of this, no matter how great my hair looked in my apartment right after curling and styling it, by the time I got to the office, my hair was flat, frizzy, and sticky. Humidity was of course partly to blame for this, as was my hairspray of choice: a stylist once told me that using formulas with a large molecular makeup essentially melt in your hair when they're met with heat, so it's better to look for an ultra-fine mist. But even after following this rule, I'd still find my hair falling a bit flat midday.

After complaining about the state of my hair to a publicist friend, she sang the praises of a new anti-humidity spray from her client R+Co and insisted that it needed a spot in my routine. This wasn't at all a hard sell considering I've been a longtime fan of the brand, so I excitedly brought a can home to take for a spin.

R+Co Moon Landing
R+Co Moon Landing Anti-Humidity Spray $32

Initially, I assumed the spray would serve somewhat like a thermal protector you apply to damp strands, but it actually acts as more of a hairspray, texturizer, and hydrator to be used when the hair is dry: Once you've styled your hair, mist the product all over, and you're good to go. Seriously—this one product not only holds your style in place, it also shields it from the thickest, dampest air conditions while offering a bit of lift. It sounds too good to be true, but trust when I say it actually delivers. The key is tocopherol (vitamin E), sea buckthorn oil, and buriti oil, all of which add shine and smoothness to the hair, as well as a secret polymer blend to seal in moisture while also coating the strands to prevent humidity from getting in and poof-ing out the hair.

frizzy hair remedies

Here's me after running errands around the city and sweating in hell's lair—er, the subway platform—on a particularly humid day. As you can see, there's no frizz, and my waves are still in tact. I'd call it sorcery, but it's all thanks to Moon Landing.

My only qualm with the product is that it's a bit difficult to work with on second- or third-day hair; my strands feels slightly stiff when I go to re-curl it, so to help preserve my style, I sleep in a high bun and mist a little dry shampoo on oily roots the next morning and it's still passable. All in all, though, I'm truly in love with this product, its performance, signature R+Co musky smell, and chic packaging. Humidity be damned.

Next up: The foundations makeup artists recommend for hot weather conditions.

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