14 Products for Thigh Chafing That Actually Work

I've been blessed with big thighs. I love my shape, but it comes at a cost: thigh chafing. Recently, I went on a vacation to Jamaica. As you can imagine, it was full of fun activities and a whole lot of heat. All I packed were swimsuits, Daisy Dukes, and dresses, so my thighs were bound to rub together. By the end of the four-day trip, the insides of my thighs felt inflamed from the combination of sweat, short shorts, and heat, which resulted in constant friction followed by sore, red, uncomfortable patches on my skin. It doesn't just happen to those with thick thighs, though. It can happen to anyone. Oftentimes, athletes and runners deal with chafing because of the inner thigh movement during their workouts.

Thankfully, there are products on the market that'll prevent you from this rather uncomfortable feeling. It's essential to look for hydrating ingredients that'll coat your skin with a protective layer against environmental aggressors. Before applying any product, be sure to clean the affected area of skin first. Ahead, find the tried-and-true anti-chafing products that'll calm and soothe your stressed-out skin.

Body Glide For Her Anti Chafe & Moisturizing Balm $10

This vitamin-packed stick provides a protective barrier on top of your skin that'll keep chafing away on the hottest of days. Its vegan formula is free of petroleum and mineral oils, so it's safe enough for those with sensitive skin.

Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick $22

Argan oil is known for its super-soothing benefits. This multipurpose balm will calm irritated, chafed spots with a quick lather. Plus, you can use this balm for a bunch of other things like dry cuticles and chapped lips.

Sweatwellth Friction Free Workout Anti-Chafing Spray $18

Doesn't solving all your chafing problems with a quick spritz sound enticing? This fast-absorbing spray is like magic in a bottle. Whether you're a workout fanatic or not, spray this in between your thighs and let the moisture of the hyaluronic acid spread a barrier on your skin against chafed patches.

DeoDoc Intimiate Calming Oil $25

DeoDoc's team of doctors chose nourishing oils like chamomile, almond, and shea butter to create a calming blend to relax the skin. Simply massage this onto irritated patches.

Megababe Thigh Rescue $14

This little stick will knock chafing right out with its combination of vitamin E and grape-seed oil. It's made to guard against continuous friction.

Lasinoh Hpa Lanolin Minis $11

Even though this product is marketed to ease breastfeeding nipple chafing, lanolin will work just as well in the thigh area. Trust that this 100 percent natural, hypoallergenic product is recommended by doctors and dermatologists to cut down chafing.

Make Beauty Marine Salve $20

This universal balm balances the skin with its main ingredient of marine algae, which fights off environmental aggressors that aggravate the skin. It also evens out the skin tone and reduces the look of redness.

Lush Silky Underwear $11

If you prefer powder form, this will feel like heaven to your skin. A quick rub of this powder, which is packed with cornstarch, cocoa butter, and kaolin will comfort skin affected by chafing. It smells like vetiver and jasmine, so it'll remind you of a garden.

2Toms Sport Shield (Roll-On) $13

The aloe vera and vitamin E in this roll-on applicator will prevent chafing for a full 24 hours, according to the brand. It's a silicone-based product that won't feel greasy or sticky. Simply coat your skin with this and let it seep into your pores.

Lady Anti-Monkey Butt Powder With Cornstartch $8

This powder was formulated specially for women and brings on silky-smooth skin. You can find calamine inside of it, which reduces sweat and friction on the inner-thigh area.

Chafezone MedZone Anti Chafe $10

Are you constantly working out and sweating? This hardworking stick is made to stay on your skin during the most intense moments. Glide this long-lasting formula on affected areas for protection against chafing.

Chamois Butt'r Her' Anti-Chafe Cream $16

You're probably wishing that chafed area of your skin felt like butter instead, which is why you need this cream. Its impressive lineup of aloe vera, green tea leaf extract, tea tree oil, shea butter, and lavender oil will spoil your skin and quiet any feelings of irritation.

Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel $21

Recommended by doctors and dermatologists alike, this gel formula provides the ultimate prevention against chafing. It'll melt right onto your skin and any inflammation will instantly feel relaxed.

Skin Slick Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant Body Friction Protection $11

This stuff is the real deal. Created with athletes in mind who partake in activities like cycling, running, or swimming, this mist is made to nip chafing in the bud. It also works on things like blisters.

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