The Workout That Can Reduce Acne, Fight Wrinkles, and Instantly Brighten Skin


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I swear by yoga for a number of reasons—in addition to toning up muscles I didn't know I had and challenging my mental and physical strength on a regular basis, it's also the perfect respite after a stressful day at the office and a constant reminder to take a deep breath before freaking out over the little things. This might all be relatively obvious, but there's one benefit of yoga I hadn't bargained for: the profound impact it has on my skin.

I observed it on others first, usually while signing in at my local studio as another class was emptying out. I've always gotten a kick out of how blissed-out people look after a particularly great yoga class, but I began to register that their skin often carried a glow that mirrored their expressions. The fact that the diverse team of instructors at my studio all look positively ageless only emphasizes that notion.

And then, after a few weeks of practicing consistently, I started to notice those effects in the mirror. My skin began to take on that ever-evasive lit-from-within glow on a regular basis, and the stubborn hormonal acne that peppers my chin from time to time began to dissipate. At this point, I knew it was time to check in with yoga instructors and dermatologists alike to get their thoughts on the subject. Sure enough, it turns out yoga can effectively reduce acne, brighten skin tone, and even reverse skin aging and wrinkles—and there's science to back that up.

Keep reading to see the three ways yoga can factor into your skincare routine.