6 Essential Components to a Successful Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

It seems like every week, we hear about a buzzy new ingredient that will keep our skin frozen in a perpetually 22-year-old state, but separating out the superstar ingredients from the marketing gimmicks can be a real chore. Your skin stops producing as much collagen (aka the thing that makes skin look firm and plump) in your mid-20s. Therefore, we don't have the time or the money to waste on products that don't work. 

"It is never too early to start caring for our skin! Prevention is key for looking young and, most importantly, keeping skin healthy," says dermatologist Dendy Engelman. "Facial skin is very susceptible to environmental damage and one of the first spots that we start to see aging." We asked Engelman and other experts to share the essential steps to an anti-aging skincare routine—no gimmicks, no trendy ingredients, just results. 

Below, the six essential components to a successful anti-aging skincare routine.