Dermatologists Say This Is the One Product Guaranteed to Make You Look Younger

We're inundated with so many different anti-aging "miracle" products on the daily. There's a serum that will "take years off your face," an LED light device that "turns back the clock," and a cream that has some sort of "exotic fruit" that ignites a Benjamin Button effect. But after shelling out all of the money required to age in reverse, how do you know if the products are really worth your money? We've found some great doctor-recommended solutions for fine lines and deep wrinkles, but as it turns out, there's only one sure product on the market that's guaranteed to help fight signs of aging. It's not a fancy tonic nor a pricey device. It's good ol' SPF.

"When someone asks me the most important anti-aging skincare product, it is easily, without hesitation, sunscreen since premature skin aging is driven primarily by the sun, so protection is key," says Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD. 

Tara Rao, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group agrees. "Really good habits for sun protection, particularly avoiding burns, really pay off in the long run. This is important because excess sun exposure can be responsible for dryness, wrinkles, and discoloration that build up slowly in the skin over time."  

Sun exposure accounts for up to 80% of signs of visible extrinsic aging in the face, and this isn't just from burns or tans, either—UV radiation (an effect that cannot be felt) causes DNA damage to our skin cells and affects their protective functions. So in other words, remember to apply and reapply sunscreen every day. Even if it's cloudy out.

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