Why Your Anti-Aging Products Might Actually Be Aging You

We know that even the best skincare products out there won't reverse the clock instantaneously, but speed aging up? That’s just unfair. Still, it could be the case with creams and serums containing retinol and AHAs—yes, the most active anti-aging ingredientsif you’re ignoring another step of your routine.

Because certain ingredients like retinol and salicylic and glycolic acids are so powerful, they can actually leave skin more vulnerable to UV raysand we know how much of an impact sun damage has on our complexions. In other words, by protecting yourself from aging in one respect, you could be inadvertently speeding it along.

Fortunately, the fix is easy: Wear SPF on a daily basis (which you should be doing already). Worried about breakouts? Choose a lightweight, moisturizing formula (we like Sunday Riley’s Cashmere SPF Sun Defense, $125). 

What’s your favorite daily SPF to layer with makeup? Tell us in the comments below!