Molly Sims Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets--And Why They Really Work!

Updated 09/08/17

Molly Sims’ skin looks flawless, and yes, she wakes up that way, thanks to a foolproof beauty routine. The model/actress takes her skincare very seriously, and has been picking up tips and tricks from the experts (and her mother) for as long as she can remember. The proof is in her lifestyle website, a must-read that covers everything from beauty and fashion to wellness recipes and décor ideas. Lucky for us, Sims took time out of her busy schedule to divulge all of her best-kept anti-aging secrets.

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When it comes to doling out beauty advice, Sims recommends a really good facial once or twice a year. “I’ve never met a facial I didn’t love,” Sims says. Between treatments, Sims uses Natura Bisse’s The Cure Sheer Cream ($180) as a light foundation and moisturizer.

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So how has being a model and mother changed Sims’ beauty routine? “When I first got into the business, I tried a bunch of products and my face was a disaster,” Sims laughed. “I think you can over do it, and now that girls start so young, you have to be careful to not over-product. Being a mom has made my routine quicker.” One thing she never skips? Dr. Haleh Bakshandeh’s Depigmentation Cream ($80-120, 310.274.7623), which helps remove dark spots from her face.

When the seasons change, so does Sims’ beauty routine. “Less is more for summer,” Sims says. “I love powder sunscreen, because it’s much lighter on your face and easier to put on than a lotion. Though Sims loves the sun, she credits her glow to Avene’s Moisturizing Self-Tanning Lotion ($26), which she swears is the best self tanner on the market. For a powder sunscreen, try Byrdie-editor favorite Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder SPF 45 ($30).

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“I love a beauty DIY, there are a bunch on my blog,” Sims told us. “I am from the South, we put beer in our hair to make it shiny. I love all that.” You can find a series of hair and facial masks on Sims’ site, including an awesome sea salt spray recipe for your hair!

When asked about the coconut oil craze, Sims admits she’s been on the bandwagon for years. “I love it, and used it during my entire pregnancy and did not get one stretch mark. I use it in my hair, on my legs, and on my baby’s eczema,” she told us.

Check out her homemade coconut oil hair mask here

When it comes to healthy skin, Sims knows it’s more than just product. “I eat all the antioxidants, like goji berries, and I love flax seed,” Sims told us. “The best thing I do, is adding a big spoonful of Dr. Schulze’s Super Food ($40) to my smoothies. It’s great for your skin.”

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Sims’ best-kept beauty secret has to do with dark circles. “I blend a little bit of pink concealer underneath my eyes, which counterbalances the purple and doesn’t make it look white,” she reveals. “Then you can put foundation over it.” Try Giorgio Armani Meastro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer ($42) in Apricot Beige for a similar effect.

So which skincare products does Sims take everywhere? “I’m addicted to Karin Herzog’s Additional Sweet Cream ($55), and they have a Vita-A-Kombi Oil ($55) that is amazing. I also love my Fresh Pads by Christy Kidd (310.299.8494).” The pads work best for people prone to acne, as they help to keep breakouts down and pores tight.

What beauty trick has she learned from mom? “My mother gives me this stuff called Bag Balm ($10), and it’s kind of like a miracle goopy thing that you can use on your body for scratches, itches, and eczema, and it’s awesome.”

Avene Moisturizing Self-Tanning Lotion $26
Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Cream $180
Spectrum Coconut Oil $17
Dr. Schulze Super Food $40
Karin Herzog Additional Sweet Cream $55
Bag Balm Cream $10

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