6 Beauty-Brand Founders Share Their Anti-Aging Secrets

Starting a business is hard. Starting a business that flourishes, grows, and becomes one of the most-loved brands in the industry almost impossible. And yet, there are so many inspiring women who done all of the above (you probably know their full names—the same names emblazoned across your holy grail highlighter, serum, and eye shadow). To say that it takes a wide breadth of knowledge about beauty and skincare to achieve such a feat is an understatement, which is why we regard these women with such awe and respect. If they’re responsible for envisioning and creating the serum we slather on each night, just imagine what their own skincare regimen must be like. We did just that—and then decided to stop imagining things and just ask some of our favorite beauty brand founders their best anti-aging secrets. Yes, they mention their own products (can you blame them?), but there are plenty of other gems in there you’ll be glad to know about. Cheers to beautiful skin!  

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