The 6 Moisturizers That Allow Me to Push Back My Botox Appointments



While one of our 33-year-old contributors has chosen to abstain from Botox (check out her favorite wrinkle-smoothing serums), this 28-year-old has already tried it. Twice. And though I have zero qualms about accepting a little help in the anti-aging department—the results have been very favorable—it's expensive. And it involves needles, which are not exactly high on my list of favorite things. So it's in my best interest (and the interest of my dwindling back account and squeamish stomach) to supplement each Botox appointment with a round of anti-aging moisturizers that actually work to reduce wrinkles, smooth fine lines, and boost collagen production.

I began to experiment each time I left the doctor's office. For the three to four months post-injection, I'd try a different moisturizer and record the results. That way, I'd be able to better gauge which product helped me push back my Botox appointments and which one, well, sent me running back to Dara Liotta, MD.

Below, find the six anti-aging offerings that worked the best. That means they genuinely made a difference in the look and feel of my skin post-treatment.

FYI: I got Botox to help with my teeth grinding. And, yes, it works.