Skincare Alert: Anti-Aging Oils are About to Be BIG

It’s always jarring to have something you believed in get turned completely on its head. See: your kindergarten Santa trauma, or when we found out Emma Stone wasn't a natural redhead. Or, say, when facial oils erupted in the beauty scene, and changed everyone’s previously-conceived notion that oil only leads to clogged pores, breakouts, and greasiness. After awhile, even women with naturally oily skin were won over by the industry’s new breed of lightweight, hydrating, and instantly-absorbed oils, and we all went from fearing oil to wanting to use it for everything. Makeup remover? Oil will do. Body lotion? We’ll use oil instead. Cleanser? Only if it has oil.

And now, in the throes of the oil revolution, a new micro-trend has emerged: face oils…with anti-aging benefits. This new breed of face oils hydrates and protects like its previous counterparts, but also brightens your skin tone, plumps up wrinkles, and helps regenerate new skin cells. Think of it like your trusty face oil on steroids—or rather, retinoids (more on that later). Curious? Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about anti-aging oils, along with five of our favorites!