Are These Mysterious Contacts the New Anti-Aging Secret?

Everyone knows that your eyes can give away your age (hi, crow’s feet). But what about your actual eyeball—like, the round thing in your socket that allows you to see? Now there’s an interesting plot twist. In this day and age, we can pretty much anti-age any part of our bodies: our face, our hands, our thighs, and even our hair. We also know—through science, thanks—exactly what traits make us more attractive to others so we can focus our sculpting, lifting, and tightening efforts. And yet, there’s always something else, isn’t there? In this case, I’m talking about your limbal rings. If you’re like I was and have no idea what those are (and are possibly feeling slightly offended because are you seriously telling me I have to anti-age my eyeball?), I encourage you to put aside your incredulity, keep scrolling, and read on.