Upgrade Your Footwear Game with These 21 Ankle Bracelets

You may never want to take them off.

Legs wearing gold ankle bracelets and white block heels.

Design by Tiana Crispino

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of wearing jewelry. I always found it to be a little annoying and would typically end up taking my jewelry off before even stepping out of the door. In my early 20s I decided to revisit jewelry, but this time around I made the choice of trying to find high-quality, affordable jewelry that was lightweight and dainty, rather than whatever I could find at the mall. This decision was a complete game-changer: Suddenly, wearing jewelry was fun, my skin didn’t turn green, and I realized that I really do love jewelry—I just prefer more delicate pieces.

Over the years, I became even more comfortable with wearing jewelry and could happily wear larger pieces and stacks of rings and bracelets with zero effort, which may not seem like a big win to everyone but some are likely to relate. Since my jewelry journey began, one of the most comfortable and intriguing pieces I've found is the ankle bracelet. I am currently going on three years of wearing an anklet that I have not taken off, not even once. Whether you're super comfortable wearing jewelry or need to ease into it like me, I think you'll definitely be able to find an anklet that is just right for you. Ahead, see 21 ankle bracelets to shop now.

Free People Skylar Beaded Anklet
Free People Skylar Beaded Anklet $20.00

This sweet, floral beaded ankle bracelet is sure to add a bit of whimsy to any look, and can instantly make you smile whenever you catch a glimpse of it. Affordable and fun, it's ideal for a day at the beach when you hopefully won’t lose it in the water, but also won’t be completely devastated if you do.

Leliamae Butterfly Anklet
Leliamae Butterfly Anklet $57.00 $48.00

Leliamae is a Black-owned jewelry brand that aims to boost women's confidence with its range of pieces. I was instantly drawn to this 18K gold-filled Butterfly anklet, which also happens to be shower-safe so you don’t have to worry about remembering to take it off. This unique anklet would look great layered, but it’s so special that I would wear it on its own to really let it shine.

Jennybird James Anklet
Jennybird James Anklet $60.00

Wear this minimalist silver ankle bracelet solo for a subtle twinkle, or layer with other pieces for a more unique look. I think this anklet would look great stacked with some mixed metals.

Sucré Couture Low Key Anklet
Sucré Couture Low Key Anklet $70.00

Created by Kimmie Denise, Sucré Couture is a Black-owned jewelry brand inspired by the '90s and grunge flair. I really love this 18K gold-plated anklet, which is handmade to order and comes in five size options to accommodate everyone. The site shows a model wearing one of these on each ankle, and I'm obsessed with the way it looks.

Wolf Circus Camden Anklet
Wolf Circus Camden Anklet $145.00 $74.00

With just the right amount of metal, this ankle bracelet will elevate any look. The Camden Anklet is made from rhodium, a rare, silver-hued element that is highly reflective, durable, and hypoallergenic.

Jennybird Priya Snake Chain Anklet
Jennybird Priya Snake Chain Anklet $75.00

The Priya (which means “beloved” in Sanskrit) anklet from Jennybird is currently in stock but has sold out several times, for obvious reasons (it is stunning). I generally tend to lean towards gold ankle jewelry, but I really love the way the herringbone snake chain looks in sterling silver-dipped brass.

The M Jewelers The Single Butterfly Pavé Anklet
The M Jewelers The Single Butterfly Pavé Anklet $84.00

This is the daintiest of ankle bracelets, in sterling silver and 18-karat gold vermeil with a single cubic zirconia pavé butterfly. I love the subtlety of this anklet, and it would look very cool with a pair of sneakers.

Wolf Circus Herringbone Anklet
Wolf Circus Herringbone Anklet $105.00

Another stunning anklet from a female-founded brand, this style from Wolf Circus is made from sterling silver, but the brand does mention that it's a more delicate piece, which is not uncommon for herringbone chain jewelry. This anklet would look chic styled with chunky loafers, and maybe even a pair of socks if you’re into that vibe.

Loren Stewart XL Lightweight Havana Chain Anklet
Loren Stewart XL Lightweight Havana Chain Anklet $106.00

You get the best of both worlds with this ankle bracelet made from strong, durable materials that are uniquely lightweight, which is important if you're like me and prefer to keep your favorite pieces on at all times. This eco-conscious brand is on a mission to contribute to building a more sustainable world, and we love to see it.

Missoma Beaded Anklet
Missoma Beaded Anklet $110.00

Gold-plated and beaded using a mix of reconstructed gemstones known for their tranquility, this beaded anklet provides the ultimate Y2K look and comes in four different color options.

Joolz by Martha Calvo Katharos Pearl Anklet
Joolz by Martha Calvo Katharos Pearl Anklet $115.00

If you've spent a solid amount of time on TikTok, you may have seen Martha Calvo jewelry. This ankle bracelet is handmade with freshwater baroque pearls and chips, which gives off all the carefree summer vibes we need.

Catbird Sweet Nothing Anklet
Catbird Sweet Nothing Anklet $124.00

One of my first investment jewelry pieces was from Catbird, and it still looks just as lovely over a decade later. The Sweet Nothing anklet is described as graceful and sexy, and I couldn’t agree more. If you want something delicate enough that you might even forget you have it on, look no further.

The M Jewelers The Gothic Anklet
The M Jewelers Gothic Name Anklet $140.00

This ankle bracelet makes a pretty strong case for wearing your name on your leg. Whether you want to customize the anklet with your name or the name of someone special, The M Jewelers makes it easy and even allows you to preview what your custom name would look like. The style is available in silver, gold vermeil, and 14-karat yellow gold.

Missoma x Lucy Williams Flat Curb Chain Anklet
Missoma x Lucy Williams Flat Curb Chain Anklet $149.00

This classic yet retro-inspired ankle bracelet will be with you for years to come. I love the way it looks layered with other gold pieces.

Mejuri Baby Box Chain Anklet
Mejuri Baby Box Chain Anklet $150.00

This 14K yellow gold anklet is available in four sizes, and the best part is that you never have to take it off. I can vouch for this since I have Mejuri's Boyfriend Bold Chain Anklet—I've now kept it on for two years straight, and it still sparkles.

Loren Stewart 14K Gold and Pearl Anklet
Loren Stewart 14K Gold and Pearl Anklet $186.00

You can never go wrong with pearls, especially when they're this pretty. Inspired by vintage jewelry, this 14K gold and pearl piece makes anklets suddenly seem black-tie appropriate.

Mejuri Boyfriend Bold Chain Anklet
Mejuri Boyfriend Bold Chain Anklet $195.00

Maybe one day I'll stop talking about this anklet, but that day is not today. At this point, this ankle bracelet strictly lives on my body and will continue to be there for the foreseeable future. I shower in this daily, go to hot yoga... you name it, I've done it in this anklet, and yet it remains pristine.

Aurate Large Gold Figaro Chain Anklet
Aurate Large Gold Figaro Chain Anklet $200.00

Made from ethically sourced, 100% recycled gold, this chain anklet is definitely one of my favorites. Founded by Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui (originally from Morocco), Aurate was built for women by women, adding to the piece's powerful vibes.

Amarilo Marina Anklet
Amarilo Marina Anklet $225.00

Each and every Amarilo piece has a story, in addition to being meticulously handmade using the highest quality of conflict-free materials. The brand was founded by two women of color with the intention to redefine classic jewelry in the modern age, and they did just that. The Marina looks lovely paired with another dainty anklet, and I loved seeing it styled over socks on the site.

The Last Line Gold Sphere Anklet
The Last Line Gold Sphere Anklet $335.00

Delicate, simple, and sparkly 14K yellow gold, this ankle bracelet is stunning on its own, but it pairs like a dream if you're into layering.

Loren Stewart Euclid Anklet
Loren Stewart Euclid Anklet $418.00

This anklet is chunky and grungy in the best possible way. Made from sterling silver, round link chains, this piece definitely makes a statement

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