Exclusive: Anja Rubik’s Entire Beauty Routine, Right Here

What makes a woman an icon? The number of social media followers she has, or the number of girls who dress up as her for Halloween? Is it a woman's ability to shake things up, or simply her enviable bone structure? According to Merriam-Webster, an icon is “an object of uncritical devotion”—in which case, model Anja Rubik fits the definition to a (well-tailored) T.

A muse of Karl Lagerfeld and favorite on the runways of Chanel, Chloé, and Gucci, the Polish-born model has certainly left her mark on the modeling world—just flip through any major magazine and you’ll see the proof. But this year, Rubik is venturing down a new path—that of a creator, rather than muse. Her newly-launched fragrance, Original, is a soft, lily-based scent that Rubik says is "more than just a beautiful smell."

We hopped on a call with her expecting to learn about her fragrance, and perhaps pick up a skincare tip or two. Instead, Rubik turned out to be a fount of beauty knowledge, with a wealth of product recommendations, makeup tricks, and hair advice that she was more than happy to divulge. Keep scrolling to find out Rubik’s fragrance philosophy, why she rarely shampoos, all about her love of fake freckles, and more!