How Anitta Embraced Her Brazilian Roots While Developing Her New Fragrance

And why the singer "doesn't like hiding" cosmetic procedures.


Sol De Janeiro

Our series The One Thing is a Sparknotes version of the products, rituals, and moments your favorite celebrities and influencers swear by—their go-tos, must-haves, and can’t-live-withouts. So go ahead—take a brief, intimate peek into the lives of your favorites through the things (and people, and moments) they hold dear.

Anitta embodies all the traits you'd want in a bestie: cheerful, friendly, and talkative. This may explain why the “Girl From Rio” singer has garnered over 55.2 million fans on Instagram, who love scrolling through her timeline and commenting on her impeccable style. 

Exuding electric energy on our Zoom call, the Brazilian star was all smiles as she dished on details surrounding her fragrance collaboration with Sol de Janeiro, a partnership that came about after a beauty suggestion from a friend. “A year ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Bum Bum Cream. The brand felt so Brazilian, and I loved that,” the entertainer shares before adding, “I really love spreading the Brazilian message to everyone, and I feel like Sol de Janeiro was the perfect brand to help do that.”

Today marks the official launch of Sol de Janeiro x Anitta Hair & Body Fragrance Mist ($20)—the brand’s first-ever celebrity partnership. The scent is complete with notes of fresh passion fruit nectar, pink patchouli, jasmine honey, vanilla, and more. It's a flirty, exuberant scent similar to the good vibes Anitta projected on our zoom call. 

“It was a big process choosing ingredients, fragrances, the design of the bottle, and everything,” Anitta explains. “My family helped me to choose the perfect scent. We settled on the passion fruit scent because it really brings about Brazilian energy and positive vibes, which was exactly what I wanted to do.” 

Read on to get a glimpse of our intimate conversation with the singer about the beauty tricks she swears by, how she treats her oily skin, and why she prioritizes self-care.

Sol de Janeiro x Anitta Hair & Body Fragrance Mist
Sol de Janeiro x Anitta Hair & Body Fragrance Mist $20.00

The One Beauty Staple She’s Obsessed With

I am obsessed with fragrance! Since I was a little girl, I loved trying combinations of perfumes. I was obsessed with that. I can even tell which perfumes people are wearing. 

The One Thing That Keeps Her Skin Glowing

Every day when I wake up, I clean my face with a gel cleanser. I have to because my skin is oily. I also use tonic to reduce the amount of oil on my face. That's my main thing every day. 

The One Thing That Makes Her Feel Confident

I think I am already very confident, but when my hair looks and smells good I can feel that extra boost. Since my skin is oily, I cannot have a lot of product on my face.

The One Thing She Doesn’t Hide

I'm about procedures and plastic surgeries. I love doing that. I love being open about my things. I don't like hiding that kind of stuff. I think my beauty secret is just getting things done.

The One Beauty Treatment She Loves

I love laser hair removal! I have no hair on any part of my body because I've done laser treatment for like seven years. It makes my body and skin soft. 

I also use a lot of moisturizer, which is another reason why it made so much sense for me to partner with the brand. 

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream
Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream $45.00

The One Thing She’ll Never Do Again

I used to work nonstop every single day. I used to think barely sleeping and doing everything on my own was cool, but I don't think that is something to celebrate anymore. 

Nowadays, I sleep a lot and ensure I take mental breaks. To keep this balance, I make free time to take care of myself. I constantly remind myself: Why am I getting all of this if I'm not gonna get time to share with my mom and my family, you know?

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