14 Modern Animal Print Nail Designs That Embrace Your Wild Side

Tortoiseshell manicure with abstract white designs


Once upon a time, animal print was considered over the top. But now, it's a fun fashion statement that's proven to have major staying power. With more options than ever, you can pay a chic tribute to almost any creature you desire, whether you want to rule the jungle or can't get enough of cow print. Of course, if you're not ready to rock a leopard slip skirt or snakeskin faux leather pants, you can always edge into the trend with animal print nails. These wild designs are soaring on TikTok and Instagram alike, with millions of mentions of the trend circulating socials. While you'll undoubtedly scroll through a few examples of animal print manicures in your feed, we wanted to give you a head start on this nail polish trend. Ahead, you'll find 14 animal print nail designs that help you embrace all aspects of your wild side, from neutral to bright and bold.

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Pastel Snakeskin

Multicolored pastel snakeskin manicure with gem accents


Snakeskin nails are popping up left and right. While neutral color palettes tend to go with everything, we can't help but love the look of these pastel snakeskin nails. With warm and cool tones, not to mention coordinating gemstones, we couldn't help but do a double-take.

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Butterfly Nails

Multicolored manicure with butterfly wing close-up design


While animal print nails most often speak to big cats and zebras, we're here to remind you that you can bring any species of design into your mani. Case in point? These whimsical butterfly wing nails, which feel fresh thanks to their close-up approach.

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Matte Mismatch

Mismatched manicure with zebra, giraffe, and leopard print nails and solid black nails


Of course, if you love the look of classic animal prints, you can always lean into a fun take on the timeless statement. If you have trouble choosing just one print, don't be afraid to mix and match a few. To make them feel cohesive, try topping each nail off with a matte top coat, like Olive & June's The Matte Top Coat ($9).

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Zebra Spotlight

Mismatched multicolored nail design with smileys, flowers, scales, clouds, and zebra print


You don't have to put animal print on each nail to make a statement. Here, you can see how incorporating a couple animal prints with other popular trends like shimmer stars, squiggles, and smiley face nails can make quite the colorful impression.

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Croc Print

Dark green crocodile scale print nail design


Looking for a moodier animal print manicure idea? Consider copying this black and olive green croc print nail art, which feels especially cool thanks to its ultra-glossy finish.

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Leopard Stripes

Neutral manicure with pink, blue, pastel green, and yellow leopard print stripes


Hoping for an easy-to-DIY animal print nail art idea? Check out this colorful option. You'll want to start with a sheer neutral base, then once dry, swipe a line of color down the middle of each nail. After that, using a fine-lining nail art brush, add little black shapes to create leopard spots. Finish with top coat for a statement-making end look.

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Vivid Slither

Neon pink and green snakeskin manicure


We love when nail artists reimagine animal prints in fun, bold colors. This magenta and green snake print mani particularly pops, and the choice to make the colors on one hand the reverse of the other creates a fascinating yet still cohesive look.

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Neon Leopard

Neon leopard print manicure


For a more minimalist animal print nail look, opt for a clear or sheer base topped off with leopard spots. Add a bit of color to them for a simple yet statement-making mani.

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Tiger Print

Brown and black tiger print manicure


Show you're the coolest cat in town with a neutral tiger print design. The intricacy of the stripes can be tricky, so we recommend taking this photo as inspiration to your next nail appointment for best results.

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Zebra Mismatch

Multicolored mismatch manicure with papaya and zebra designs


We're never ones to shy away from color, so this bold papaya and abstract animal print nail look stopped us in our tracks.

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Abstract Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell manicure with abstract white accents


Tortoiseshell is consistently everywhere from manicures to sunglasses, proving itself to be one of the most versatile animal prints. Shake it up while keeping it neutral by adding a few abstract designs overtop with white polish.

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Stiletto Slither

Stiletto nails with multicolored snakeskin French tips


Stiletto nails are spicy and so is snake print, so this sharp, multicolor animal print manicure looks especially fierce.

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Cow Print Cutie

Mismatched patterned French tip manicure with smileys, dots, yin/yang, paisley, and cow print


Remember: Mismatched nails are very in for 2023, so this manicure featuring a cow print pinky is right on trend.

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Farm Florals

Manicure with two flower designs and three abstract cow print nails


For an animal print manicure that features cow print more prominently without going exclusive, try featuring an abstract take on several nails, then opting for a pastel backdrop with a flower design on the remainder. Whether you live in the city or the country, this look is sure to bring you joy with its farm-fresh vibes.

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