From London to Milan: Brow Queen Anastasia Soare's Beauty Travel Diary

According to Merriam-Webster, a legend is “a famous or important person who is known for doing something extremely well.” Anastasia Soare (creator of Anastasia Beverly Hills) is that—but that wouldn’t even be giving her due credit. Sure, Soare does brows “well,” but she also single-handedly transformed the way we all fill in our brows, gifting us with waxy pencils and soft powders before brow grooming was even really a thing. Nowadays, her namesake line has expanded to include a range of makeup (the Glow Kit, $40, is a favorite of perfectly sculpted celebrities like Kim Kardashian), and her brow products continue to innovate and take our sad, ’90s-ravaged brows to Lily Collins status.

Soare recently went on a trip to Europe to take meetings, gather inspiration, and grace Milan Fashion Week with her presence—and we got the exclusive look. How does beauty industry legend travel in style? What lipstick does she always keep in her purse? Keep scrolling to find out.