Stop Everything—Anastasia Beverly Hills Is Launching a New Brow Product


Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

Cue the sharp intake of breath and racing heartbeat: Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching a new brow product. Fans of the brand’s iconic brow products, like the Brow Wiz ($21) or Perfect Brow Pencil ($23), are going to freak over the new Brow Definer. Why? Well, for one, the shape. The retractable mechanical pencil has a thick, triangular tip that makes filling in thin brows so easy. And unlike other brow pencils that may drag or give too much color (hello, Sharpie brows), the formula has the brand’s signature waxy, smooth, and creamy finish—perfect for tracing and drawing in realistic-looking brow hairs. We got our hands on one of these before the January 2016 release, and have since thrown all our other brow products to the wayside. Trust us, it’s that good (especially for those with barely visible natural brows—holler).

To use the pencil, trace the outline of your brow shape using the flat, blunt side. Then, flip the definer and use the pointy edge to fill in any hairs. To soften the look, use the spooly end to brush out the finished look. (Pro tip: To keep the tip sharpened, just swipe it down the back of your hand a few times any time it starts feeling too flat.) Is this the brand’s next cult brow product? Only time will tell, but so far, we’re very impressed.

The pencil comes in 10 shades, from taupe to ebony, and will be launching on for $23 on January 7, 2016. 

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