I Never Thought I'd Have Perfect Eyebrows, Until I Tried This Technique

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Even as a beauty writer with approximately seven billion products at my disposal, there are still some "issues" I can't fix. I'm talking about my eyebrows. Much to my disappointment, I was not blessed with Cara-esque arches that are bold, fluffy, and satisfyingly full. At the risk of sounding vain, I would describe my brows as thick until about halfway, where they taper off as sparse and gap-filled. To support my story, a former eyebrow technician I used to visit insisted my "bald patch" was due to scarring (it's not). Of course, I fill them in meticulously with powders and pencils on a daily basis, but boy does it get tiresome. I'm too scared to commit to tattooing, so I decided to seek out further options

Enter Amy Jean (or AJ, as the in-the-know refer to her). If you're slightly interested in eyebrows, you might already follow her incredible transformation pictures on Instagram. If not, I'll give it to you fast: AJ is one of the best. In 2017, I visited Jean's beautiful Sydney salon for a "Henna Brow" sculpting treatment. And for those wondering if it resembles the reddish-brown henna dye-job you gave yourself when you were 15, it doesn't. 

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Amy Jean Henna Brows Review

What Is the Henna Eyebrow Treatment?

The Henna Sculpt eyebrow appointment includes shaping, with either wax or tweezers, and the tint. The henna comes in a range of colors and is a vegan alternative to regular tint. "Our Henna Brows treatment is paired with a signature Brow Sculpt to shape and subtly define your brows," says Jean. "Henna Brow tinting provides more longevity compared to traditional brow tint as it stains the skin behind the hairs to establish your desired shape, resulting in a fluffy powder-like finish."

As Jean explained at the appointment, while traditional tinting stains the actual hair, henna has the ability to gently stain the skin beneath—perfect for those suffering from bald patches (i.e. me).

Benefits of the Henna Brow Sculpting Treatment

• More defined brows

• A natural look

• Painless experience

In the quest for more defined eyebrows, many of us will go pretty far—even undergoing an intense amount of pain to get microbladed. Fortunately, since henna is just a dye, there's no pain factor to take into consideration with the Henna Brow Sculpting Treatment. Yet the result is still natural and defined.

"We recommend Henna Brows for those looking for soft and 'powder-like' brows, that will last three to four weeks," says Jean. "Compared to semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatments, Henna Brows is less invasive, is suitable for all brow types, and requires little to no aftercare." In other words, it's the ideal way to give your brows some love, whether it be via monthly brow maintenance or for a special occasion.

What To Expect from the Henna Brow Sculpting Treatment

At the appointment, the product is applied like any tint, and while I looked like a cartoon character during the treatment, it afterward revealed a groomed brow shape I never knew I had. As Jean notes above, the results are meant to last three to four weeks but, depending on your skin type, can last a little less time (around two weeks).


One way to ensure your newly dyed brows last as long as possible? Take precautions: Don't stand outside in the sun, don't take a shower or wash your face, and don't hit the gym for a little while. "It’s recommended to avoid direct contact with water and excessive sweating for the first 24 hours post-treatment," says Jean.

The next day, you can go back to normal, even applying brow product for some added oomph, if needed. "The tint acts as a great guide for you to trace over with your favorite brow products," says Jean.

The Final Takeaway

On dry skin, the tint supposedly lasts around four to five weeks, whereas on oily skin, like mine, two weeks is more accurate. I'm extremely oily, and I can confidently say it lasted the full 14 days. And get this: I didn't use any brow product for the first 10 days. I swear it's true. 

Would you like to see my magical henna-tinted brows straight after the fact? Keep scrolling. 

After a Henna Sculpting Treatment
Amy Jean

Yep, you'd never guess I wasn't blessed with the best brows, would you? Jean really is magic. 

Below, a handful of products to help you replicate the look.

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