Watch: This Heated Brush Straightens My Curly Hair in Less Than 5 Minutes

Updated 01/31/18

As a teenager, I spent an inordinate amount of time straightening my thick hair into submission. (My skincare routine solely comprised makeup removal wipes, too, so clearly I was misguided.) Things change: Nearly a decade later, I not only adore my loose curls but simply cannot be bothered to spend more than five minutes on my hair at any given time. (My complexion is another story entirely, but I digress.)

And as a rule, I am incredibly skeptical of any hair tool that claims to make obtaining sleek locks any less than a highly tedious process—especially when it comes to my bionic strands. As such, I didn't really expect much when team Byrdie convinced me to try out Amika's new Polished Perfection Straightening Brush ($120) on camera. This brush, which heats up to 450 degrees, promises to deliver straight, flyaway-free hair on a single glide—a concept so foreign to me that it's practically laughable.

You can probably guess how this goes: Above, please observe actual footage of this jaded beauty editor being proven very, very wrong.

Perhaps I should have realized that this is the future, and in the future, I get to have straight hair in the time it takes me to wash my face. (Teenage Victoria's mind is blown. Is yours?)

Watch the video above to see the straightening brush in action.

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