This Is the Healthiest U.S. State of 2016, According to Study

We know what you're thinking: California is probably the U.S. state considered to be the healthiest—but you're wrong (sorry). According to America's Health Rankings, a report by United Health Foundation, Hawaii was, in fact, the healthiest state of 2016. The picturesque islands that make up the youngest state in the United States, and our favorite vacation spot, topped the list for the eighth time in the study's 27-year history. Not too shabby!

The report compared all 50 states across 34 measures, within the categories of clinical care, community and environment, policy, behaviors, and outcomes, to determine the rankings. Following Hawaii are Massachusetts (second), Connecticut (third), Minnesota (fourth), and Vermont (fifth). Overall, the data determined that northeastern states are generally the healthiest. And for the record, California came in 16th place, which isn't too bad either. 

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