You're More Likely to Get Wrinkles in These 5 Cities

While we often associate the cities we inhabit with things like cost of living, career choices, and commute time; however, we don't always think about another big way the place where we choose to live affects us. The often overlooked answer? Our skin. Different cities offer different environments both in terms of climate and culture, and these greatly impact our skin's health.

To shed some light on exactly how our daily living environments affect skin aging, RoC Skincare partnered with independent research firm Sperling's Best Places to come up with the 2016 RoC Wrinkle Ranking. The lineup places America's metropolitan areas in order of highest risk for skin damage and premature aging by the year 2040.

Philadelphia topped the list as the most wrinkle-prone city in America due to high-stress levels, long commute times, higher-than-average smoking rates, and pollution. Coming in next was Denver, followed by Seattle, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Other large metropolitan areas such as Washington, D.C. and New York also cracked the top ten. The study notes that big cities dominated the worst of the list do to their "extreme urban environments, including more congested commuting and lower air quality."

On the other end of the spectrum, San Jose, California, was crowned as the least wrinkle-prone, thanks to its shorter commute time, smaller population size, and "anticipated shift toward a wetter climate."

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