The Sneaky Way You're Being Brainwashed Into Spending More Money While Shopping


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Ever wonder why you walk into a store and immediately feel like you're about to do some real damage to your credit card? Normally, I assume it's because of the clothes: They have those cozy-looking sweaters and jeans with just the right cut—that sort of thing. But according to a recent study in the Journal of Marketing, ambient scents directly impact people's purchasing habits in retail environments, meaning the scents in the store (not coming from the clothing) actually make you more likely to put a dent in your holiday bonus. 

Why? It influences your "feelings of power and, thus, product preference and purchasing behavior," the study explains. Specifically, a warm-scented environment gives us a greater need for those feelings of power and premium products. So, the next time you notice a warm vanilla or sandalwood aroma in a store, take note. Or, if you happen to sell products of your own, consider investing in Le Labo's Santal 26 Classic Candle ($75).

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