This Low-Key Natural Skincare Line Has Thousands of 5-Star Reviews on Amazon


Paley Fairman

If there's one cohesive direction the skincare market is going in, it's the way of natural, nontoxic beauty products. A 2018 analysis from Persistence Market Research, a global market research firm, shows that the global organic beauty market should reach almost $22 billion by 2024, judging by the industry's year-on-year growth. Those figures suggest that the market’s value is expected to double within eight years. That is massive growth, folks.

"Natural" skincare used to represent one of two product categories: hippie-dippie (not that chic or high-tech), DIY-style products you'd find on Etsy or at health food stores and super-high-end items that would be challenging for most consumers to afford. But as mainstream demand for organic skincare increases, so does the demand for effective formulas that won't break the bank. Enter brands like Tree of Life.