Product Junkies, Take Note: Amazon Prime Will Now Send Samples Before You Buy


Thanks to Amazon's newest major beauty move, Prime members are officially rejoicing (and heading to their soon-to-be-full shopping carts) while non-members are officially out of excuses. (Ahem, it's finally time, people.) So what is Amazon's new incentive that's already creating beauty-loving pandemonium everywhere? Say hello to Prime Samples, aka beauty samples. Bountiful, bottomless beauty samples.

According to PureWow, Amazon will not only continue its tantalizing deal featuring fast and free shipping for Prime members (honestly, this alone was always enough for us), but they'll also send you samples of some of the most coveted beauty products you've likely had on your "to-try" list for a while now. In other words, it's finally addressing our tendency to add countless items to our carts, only to leave them there in fear of disappointment once they arrive at our doorstep (whereas IRL pit stops to sample-rich stores like Sephora and Ulta provide an immediate glimpse to how a certain lipstick or lotion will feel and look on our skin—therefore enticing us to buy right then and there).

So now that we can achieve a similar product sample high from the comfort of our beds or office chairs, how will the process actually work? As PureWow explains, each of the sample-size products will cost either $2 or $4. Then, after you make your purchase, Amazon will automatically put that money back onto your account so you can use it in credit form to put toward the full-size version of the sample you tested or another full-size beauty product of your choosing. (Because let's be honest, we've slapped, slicked, and smeared plenty of beauty products we realize—with sadness—we'd never want to buy.)

Oh, and here's where things get even juicier. The samples themselves are extremely covetable—similar to the cult-favorite products you typically peruse in the checkout lines at other major beauty stores. (Think brands like R+Co, La Roche-Posay, Elizabeth Arden, and the list goes on.) That being said, there is one important stipulation: You'll only be able to purchase one sample of a specific product (sorry, you won't be able to stealthily hoard away enough to equal a full-size iteration at a cheaper price—Amazon is smarter than that.) However, you can buy as many different product samples as your product-junkie heart desires. Quite simply, to quote Cady Heron, "The limit does not exist." Which, when it concerns bottomless beauty products (and other convenient inclusions like beverages and food, vitamins and supplements, or impossibly chic laundry detergent), limitlessness couldn't be more delightful.

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Check out our five favorite products currently available in sample size.

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