11 Awesome Products From Amazon's Secret Beauty and Wellness Section

Allow us to introduce you to Amazon Launchpad: It's a treasure trove of products created by startups to help drive more specialized attention to the brands instead of getting lost in the shuffle of the hundreds of thousands of products under the main Amazon umbrella. It's a win-win for both customers and companies—Launchpad's layout allows for larger images, videos, and space for product copy so that the user has a better experience getting to know the products, and the brands get a narrowed spotlight on their offerings.

While still a relatively new concept, Launchpad's beauty and health section isn't nearly as expansive as Amazon proper, but we've identified some key items worth adding to your cart. The brands may be small, but the fruits of their labor are mighty. Take a look for yourself below.

Have you tried any of these brands? What did you think? Please tell us in the comments!