Found: 12 Exciting Beauty Products to Hit Amazon This Month



March is an exciting time for beauty, and not just because Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty Sale is kicking off next week. It's not even because some truly exciting hair, makeup, and skincare products have hit Amazon's virtual shelves (more on that in a minute). To us, March is an exciting time for beauty because it's one of those transitional months in which one season imperceptibly melds into another. This is, after all, the month that's best known for the old saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb." What starts out as a blustery and cold continuation of winter will leave with warm winds and spring blooms. That means, in the realm of beauty, we treat it like a free-for-all—we can stay in tune with the preceding months and opt for dark and moody colors or we can metaphorically spring ahead to play with bright pastel shades. One day we can fall back on old and comforting wintry styles, the next we can experiment with new products and trends. 

This duality is reflected in Amazon's new beauty selection. New products have just dropped: Some are hydrating skincare products that are perfect for curing dry winter skin, others are bright makeup products made to make their users look ahead to spring and summer. Keep scrolling to see each exciting new Amazon beauty product we're shopping in March.