Amazon’s New Fitness Band and App Will Send You Daily Emotional State Reports

The future—of your emotional health—is here.



You’re probably overwhelmed by all of the wearable tech on the market right now, but Amazon has just made us think twice about the increasingly saturated industry. The Halo is the company’s new fitness band and subscription service that comes with two high-tech features that scream “the future is here.” Here’s why the new wearable tech from Amazon’s stands out among the Apple Watch and Fitbit: it uses your camera to create 3D scans for body fat and tracks the emotional tone in your voice. *mind blown*

 While these highlights are innovative, they do raise concerns about being the invasiveness of the technology. The device is also screenless which has it’s pros and cons. Also, the Halo is not a part of Amazon Prime which means you’re taking on another fee to your probably already hefty subscription count. Still the fee is minimal at just $3.99 a month which isn’t really required, but will unlock the band’s advanced features and probably worth the “splurge” if you’re purchasing the Halo anyway. The band itself will run you $99.99.

If you’re still intrigued—because hello, emotional tone in your voice—then here’s some other things you should know about Amazon’s latest launch. 

First things first, The Verge reports that the Halo band “is not a medical device.” This means it hasn’t been submitted to the FDA for any sort of approval, including this “FDA clearance” that other fitness bands have used.

Other important things to note: it connects to both iPhones and Android phones via Bluetooth, the battery should last a full week, and it’s water resistant up to 5ATM AKA “swimproof” says Amazon.

Now, on to aesthetics. The primary band come in onyx (black), mineral (light blue), and rose gold (pink-ish) colorways, and then there’s a world of stylish options similar to the Apple Watch’s offerings. Don’t expect Alexa to answer you though, because she won’t. The Halo is not Alexa compatible. But remember, emotional tone tracking? 

The device actually listens to the tone of your voice and reports back on your emotional state. Pitch, intensity, rhythm, and tempo of your voice all play a role in your “notable moments” that you can review via the Halo app. The emotional states include words like hopeful, elated, hesitant, bored, apologetic, happy, worried, confused, affectionate, plus more.

Amazon promises your voice is never uploaded to servers or heard by humans ears. 2020 emotional states have been all over the place, so we can see these bands selling out like a Fenty Beauty launch

Amazon is launching it as an invite-only early access program today with an introductory price of $64.99 that includes six months of the service for free.

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