Amazon Fire and Chill: The Cool New Way to Watch All Your Favorite Byrdie Videos

Just in time for your holiday break, there's a brand new way to binge on all your favorite Byrdie videos. You might have already seen a few of our Facebook Lives and Unboxed Series videos, where celebrities, beauty experts, and editors share tips, give the inside scoop on products, and unbox new launches. (Did you catch the one where Lea Michelle shows us what's in her bag? Or the one where Byrdie news editor Victoria teaches us how to derma-roll?) So far, you've had to watch it all on the tiny screen of your iPhone or computer—but now, you can watch hours of Byrdie videos on your TV!

Yes, Byrdie is coming to the big screen, thanks to Amazon Fire TV. Heard of it? It's the video streaming service from Amazon that allows you to marathon Netflix, HBO, NBC, and now Byrdie. (I personally own an Amazon Fire Stick, and it's awesome; plus, it only cost me $40.)

As of right now, you can head over to Byrdie's Amazon channel, where you can stream Facebook Live and Unboxed videos from Byrdie, as well as our sister site WhoWhatWear. What's fun (and very futuristic) is that when you watch our videos through Amazon, all the content is shoppable. That means whatever products we're talking about in the videos will pop right up on your screen, so you can easily add them to your cart. How cool is that?


You need an Amazon Fire Stick in order to watch and shop. (Holiday gift idea?) Pick one up on Amazon here, and we'll see you from the other side of the TV!