This Shampoo Has 9000 Positive Reviews on Amazon—and We've Never Heard of It

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Rivaled perhaps only by Birchbox, Amazon never ceases to amaze us with its under-the-radar beauty gems—and oftentimes, these products already have devout followings by the thousands by the time we're alerted to their existence. Case in point: When the numbers came in for the online marketplace's top-selling products, the number two slot went to a shampoo that we've never heard of. But over 9,000 positive reviews can't steer us wrong, right?

The product in question is Pura d'Or's Original Gold Label Anti-Hair Thinning Premium Organic Shampoo ($30). Thanks to a hefty dose of ultra-hydrating argan oil, this shampoo isn't just effective for thickening fine strands—it can moisturize, fortify, and add shine and body to just about any hair type. All that and it's also free of preservatives and harmful chemicals. (And it's gluten-free to boot.)

Pura d'Or Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo $30

"I don't think I've ever stuck with one product for so long," says reviewer Sally B., adding that she saw a marked difference in her thinning hair in as little as three months. Similarly, "My hair has never been so shiny and silky," chimes reviewer Stacey B.

The reviewers also often note that since the formula is so gentle, it works particularly well in restoring color-processed hair to its most vibrant state. Either way, you can consider us believers.

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