This $19 Product Is the Best-Selling Beauty Organizer on Amazon

I am known for leaving clutter wherever I go, a behavior that extends to my bathroom vanity. On any given day, there are bottles of perfume, dry shampoo, and face serum scattered between tubes of concealer, mascara, and lipstick. My makeshift beauty counter is so wildly disorganized that I've started stockpiling beauty products in the cabinets below the sink in an effort to clear some of the offending mess. But it's all in vain, for the next time I finish getting ready for work, dinner, or what have you, I look down to see another monolithic mess waiting for me.

Consequently, I've come to the realization that I'm in dire need of a countertop organizer. The irony in all of this is that I've been researching the best organizers for weeks, and now I have the details on the best-selling one on Amazon. According to PopSugar, this organizer has over 700 reviews, 70% of which are five stars. Oh, and it's only $19.