According to Amazon, This Eye Mask Might Be the Cure for Your Sleepless Nights

Updated 09/24/18
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Throughout a particularly busy or stressful day, I look forward to the evening, when I can unwind, engage in my bedtime routine, and prepare for deep, restful sleep. I've always found skincare to be relaxing—almost meditative—so it's an important pre-sleep ritual for me.

But even when my skin feels taken care of, my to-do list is settled, and the noise machine is on, I can't always guarantee that sleep will come. In fact, it's on the busiest, most stressful days that I lie awake tossing and turning at night.

According to Metro UK, I need a certain best-selling sleep product to help. This £10 eye mask has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, due to its unique design and comfort. Reviewers swear that it helps lull them to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Keep scrolling to see which eye mask it is, plus read why they give it such amazing reviews.

Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask $10

It looks like a normal eye mask, right? Wrong. Instead of a traditional flat design, this one is contoured to lift off of your face while you wear it, so you can actually open your eyes (to see complete darkness) when it's on. This allows for more comfortable wear since you won't feel as if something is pressing against your face all night—a common complaint against eye masks by people like me. It's even better for people with eyelash extensions since it allows you to wear an eye mask and block out all light without rubbing or pulling against fragile lashes.

Win win. 

The makers of this Bedtime Bliss Mask say the total darkness it offers allows you to sink into REM sleep fast and effortlessly. REM sleep is critical to feeling energised and refreshed come morning. Since your eyes move during REM (it stands for rapid eye movement, after all), you will sleep soundly and undisturbed without any annoying sensations on your eyelids. Cool, right? 

Amazon users say so. There are almost 10,000 reviews. One person writes, "I saw peoples' reviews and I thought they were nuts, after all its just a mask, but now I get the excitement! This is amazing, I love that I can blink while wearing it, nothing pressed on my eyelids, its material doesn't get sweaty, and its super comfy. And best of all, ZERO light! I have slept so much better since this, recently we did a road trip and I could even nap in the car with it, something I have NEVER been able to do before!

Great product!"

Head over to Metro to read the full article. Then, see yoga stretches that will help you to fall asleep in no time flat

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