13 Insanely Useful Beauty Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon

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The world before Amazon.com literally does not make sense to me. How did we feel joy before the ability to click a button and have three books, a jar of MCT oil, a digital camera, and a selfie stick show up on our front step 48 hours later? (Speaking of, take a revealing glimpse inside Byrdie editors' actual Amazon carts.)

As beauty lovers, one of our favorite things to shop for online is intriguing beauty gadgets. If you've ever found yourself on that side of Amazon, you know there are dozens, ranging from the practical to the wacky (a "nose lifter and shaper," anyone?).

We're all for descending into an Amazon black hole, but if you're interested in the more utilitarian side of the site's beauty devices, look to this list. We've rounded up 15 tried-and-true beauty gadgets, from beauty spatulas to ice rollers, which might sound a little exotic at first, but that our editors promise are actually extremely useful.

Ready to experience the glory of Amazon's beauty gadget selection? Keep scrolling for our top product picks.

Best Overall: Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Aquarius Water Flosser, WP-660

You probably have a parent or overly hygienic roommate who owns one of these fancy flossing contraptions. Next time you've had one too many glasses of wine and decide to go on an Amazon binge, do your teeth a favor and add this to your cart. Using a Waterpik water flosser leaves your teeth feeling so much cleaner than manual flossing, and you'll never want to go back. Plus, the price of this thing on Amazon is significantly lower than it is anywhere else.

Best Budget: Komocare Silica Glove Scrubber Board

Whether you compulsively clean your makeup brushes or are trying to be better about that, this adorable mini washboard deserves a place in your medicine cabinet. The product sits on two of your fingers, like a puppet. Pop it on, then apply some gentle cleanser ($13) or brush cleaner ($16) to your brushes, and get scrubbing. The washboard polishes the bristles better than your fingers can; plus it leaves your hands wrinkle-free when you're finished. (Just bear in mind that the scrubber is teensy, so it works best with eye makeup and smaller face brushes.)

Best Ice Roller: PUR Botanicals Ice Roller Face Massager

An ice roller, you ask? Associate editor Victoria swears by this energizing little device, which works to de-puff and revitalize sleepy skin. "Facialist Kerry Benjamin used this on me, and I was like I want this," Victoria told me. And there it was, available on Amazon. Victoria keeps in the freezer and runs it across her face in the mornings to refresh her skin and minimize under-eye bags.

Best for Acne: BESTOPE Blackhead Remover Pimple Comedone Extractor Tool Best Acne Removal Kit

There are few skincare procedures more satisfying than getting your clogged blackheads extracted (it hurts so good, amirite?). Thanks to this best-selling Amazon kit, you can play mad scientist at home, using its stainless steel tools to remove blackheads, blemishes, and ingrown hairs. But be forewarned: Going into your DIY extractions blind can lead to infection, so make sure to read the included instructions carefully.

Pause Best Facial Tool


Put all your other face tools aside: this collagen-boosting device from skincare brand Pause is an FDA-cleared medical device to help you sculpt your way to firmer skin. Made in collaboration with a tissue and mobility doctor, the angled shape glides along all the angles of your face to stimulate fibroblasts, which help your skin produce more collagen. The beauty in this facial sculpting device is in its simplicity—no need to plug it in, or apply a special goop before using. Just apply your favorite skincare products, then glide it over your facial contours for an instantly-lifted appearance. Pro tip: you can use it on your body, too.

Best Body Brush: C.S.M Body Brush for Wet or Dry Brushing

If you're on the dry-brushing train, you could peruse Amazon's dry-brush selection for literally hours. But to save some time, look to this pick, with which Amazon reviewers are particularly smitten. What's nice is that product features rounded nodules that massage the skin as you brush. Reviewers say it works for everything from deep exfoliation to treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.

Best Epilator: Remington Smooth & Silky Essential Epilator

If you're a believer in DIY hair removal, this editor-approved epilator is your jam. "I'm all for the whole 'pain is beauty' thing, as long as I'm doing it to myself," Victoria told me. "I hate getting waxed, so I use this epilator instead. It's old school, but it works." Plus, you can nab it on Amazon for just $25. (PS: If you're new to epilators, check out her review of four different hair-removal devices.)

Best Beauty Spatula: Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Beauty Spatula

You know when you get down to the last few drops of an expensive serum or foundation but because of the shape of the bottle or dispenser, you can't physically access them? Ergh, there's nothing worse than a solid $4 of product wasted because you couldn't scrape it out. In these situations, turn to this convenient beauty spatula, which helps you scoop out those last precious ounces. The spatula's tip is small and rubbery in texture, so it fits in most containers and effectively grabs the leftover product. Oh, Amazon, at it again with the smart beauty tools.

Best Brush Cleaner: Luwigs Hair Brush and Comb Cleaner

I think we can all agree that cleaning out a hairbrush, even our own, is just plain gross. Luckily, the clever folks at Luwigs understand the struggle and have invented this (somewhat wacky-looking) hairbrush cleaner to help us out. The rake-like shape aims to comb through the bristles, helping to clear out hair, product buildup, and debris. (Amazon reviewers agree that the tool doesn't clear out every last strand of hair, so try soaking your brush in this DIY mixture afterward for best results.)

Best Organizer: Jerrybox Makeup Organizer

Amazon reviewers are into this minimalistic organizer, which is easy to put together, rotates 360 degrees, and holds a truly shocking amount of product (30 makeup brushes, plus 20 bottles of skincare or makeup, to be exact). 

Best Scalp Massager: Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush

Shampoo Brush, Purple

Amazon users say all it takes to cure dandruff, psoriasis, poor hair growth, and other scalp issues is this unwittingly miracle-working $5 brush.

Best Face Massager: Dangshan 3D Face Roller

The benefits of facial massage are manifold: It improves circulation, boosts the effectiveness of your skincare products, and literally contours the face muscles to look tighter, firmer, and more lifted. You can do it with your hands or you can shell out a mere 12 bucks and use this fancy gadget, which kind of looks like a sex toy but is definitely probably for your face (we think).

Best Foot File: Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File Value Set

Rough, calloused feet are a bummer, but after $35 and 48 hours (for shipping, that is), this handy kit will help you out. The rolling file effectively buffs away hard skin, leaving your feet decent for public visibility. The ideal addition to your at-home pedicure ritual.

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