15 Insanely Useful Beauty Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon

The world before Amazon.com literally does not make sense to me. How did we feel joy before the ability to click a button and have three books, a jar of MCT oil, a digital camera, and a selfie stick show up on our front step 48 hours later? (Speaking of, take a revealing glimpse inside Byrdie editors' actual Amazon carts.)

As beauty lovers, one of our favorite things to shop for online is intriguing beauty gadgets. If you've ever found yourself on that side of Amazon, you know there are dozens, ranging from the practical to the wacky (a "nose lifter and shaper," anyone?).

We're all for descending into an Amazon black hole, but if you're interested in the more utilitarian side of the site's beauty devices, look to this list. We've rounded up 15 tried-and-true beauty gadgets, from beauty spatulas to ice rollers, which might sound a little exotic at first, but that editors and Amazon reviewers promise are actually extremely useful.

Ready to experience the glory of Amazon's beauty gadget selection? Keep scrolling for our top product picks!

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.